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Презентація на тему:
The history of eEngland in the history of English

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The history of eEngland in the history of English

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Слайд 1

THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND IN THE HISTORY OF ENGLISH Made by: Ilia Zykov, 7-grader Supervisor: Marina V. Bednjagina Municipal Educational Institution Secondary School № 32 with Intensive Foreign Languages Learning Nizhni Tagil 2009

Слайд 2

The AIM of the investigation: The work is dedicated to the history of the English language and it mainly aims at analyzing the process of its development from the Celts to the present day.

Слайд 3

The object: the history of the English language within the period of its development. The subject: borrowings come into English from other European languages and some changes in the English grammar and phonetics.

Слайд 4

the historic events taken place within the long period of the British history influenced greatly on the language of its people. the hypothesis:

Слайд 5

problems to be solved: - to generalize and systematize the information about the language origin and its changing in special scientific and popular literature; - to get acquainted with the most significant events in the history of England which are reflected in the language development of this country.

Слайд 6

Methods of investigation: analyses of the informational sources contrastive analysis individual observations

Слайд 7

Contents: INTRODUCTION----------------------------------------------------------------3 CHAPTER 1. THE PRESENT AND THE PAST OF ENGLISH--4 1.1 English today --------------------------------------------------------------4 1.2 The beginnings of English------------------------------------------5 1.3 Old English-------------------------------------------------------------------7 CHAPTER 2.MIDDLE ENGLISH------------------------------------------12 CHAPTER 3.MODERN ENGLISH----------------------------------------15 3.1 Modern English begins----------------------------------------------15 3.2 Bringing order to English------------------------------------------17 3.3 Modern English----------------------------------------------------------18 3.4 English in America----------------------------------------------------20 CONCLUSION-------------------------------------------------------------------23 SOURCES-------------------------------------------------------------------------24

Слайд 8

Celtic Latin Old Norse French Other borrowings London school sister chair chocolate (Mexico) Leeds window skin city tomato (Mexico) Avon history sky crime banana (Africa) Thames impossible die literature coffee (Turkey) Esk picture take river caravan (Persia)

Слайд 9

CONCLUSION The history of English is very interesting and closely connected with the history of its country and the whole world.

Слайд 10


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