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The American School System

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The American School System

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Слайд 1

The American School System One System open to everyone.

Слайд 2

Types of School Kindergarten (age 5 years) Elementary School, grade 1-5 (age 6- 12 years) Middle School grade 6-8 (age 13-15 years) High school grade 9-12(age 16-19 years) Members of each grade in high school have special names: - a ninth grader is called a Freshman, - a tenth grader - a Sophomore, - an eleventh grader - a Junior, - a twelfth grader - a Senior.

Слайд 3

Credits/ Units number of units assigned to a course corresponds to the number of hours that a student will attend class for that course usual requirement: minimum number of units, not number of courses A/B/C/D/E/F („Failed“)

Слайд 4

Types of education

Слайд 5

Public Schools operated by the government financed by public funds quality of education varies => free to all students, even foreigners

Слайд 6

Private Schools operated by private individuals financed by private funds no control by govern agency all students must pay tuition more options offered but: still meet minimum graduation requirements

Слайд 7

College/ University Undergraduate School 2-year-degree: associate degree 4-year-degree: bachelor's degree Graduate School bachelor's degree necessary 2-year-degree: master's degree 3 to 6-year-degree: doctor degree

Слайд 8

The School Year The school year runs in August or September(depending on the school district) and ends in May The school holidays are: October – 1 week Christmas – 2 weeks February – 1 week Easter – 2 weeks May – 1 week Summer – 6 weeks There is a summer school for those who are not behind the study

Слайд 9

Exams Year 2: Key Stage 1 exams Year 6: Key Stage 2 exams Year 11: GCSE’s Year 12: AS Levels Year 13: A Levels

Слайд 10

School Day School lasts from 8.00 am until 3.12 pm. Lessons are 54 minutes long. There is a break in the morning at 9.55 a.m. which lasts 20 minutes They have lunch at 12.35 p.m. which lasts 35 minutes

Слайд 11

Lunch Lunch is at 12.35 p.m. Students stay in school and they either bring their own lunch in a lunch box OR they can buy lunch at the school lunchroom.

Слайд 12

Number of Pupils In elementary school there were 500 pupils. In secondary school there were 1500 students. In high school there were 3000 students

Слайд 13

The Classroom Teachers have their own classrooms and it is the students that change rooms after every lesson. Depending on your level in a subject you will be put in different sets. For example, if you are good at Spanish you will be in set one, but if you are bad at English you will be in set 5.

Слайд 14

School Uniform The school uniform varies from school to school but most schools have one. It stops children worrying about what to wear, and teachers believe that it makes students more disciplined On certain days you can wear what you want. For example, to raise money for charity.

Слайд 15

Elementary School

Слайд 16

Middle School

Слайд 17

High School

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