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Слайд 1

SPEAKING ABOUT THE PAST http://aida.ucoz.ru

Слайд 2

Данилочкина Елена Сергеевна

Слайд 3

WHAT DID THE CHILDREN DO AT DICK’S BIRTHDAY PARTY ? One day Nick … to Dick’s birthday party. Nick… many friends at the party Jane … the guitar. Bob … with Sally. Tom … oranges and bananas. Liz … on the sofa and … with Dick’s cat. John … to music. Mary … a comedy on TV. sat played danced went saw watched ate listened played * * Fill in the gaps

Слайд 4

CHOOSE THE CORRECT VARIANT She didn’t…. to the cinema. They …. their friends. What did you…. on Sunday? They … chess after dinner What did Jane… for breakfast? go went see saw eat ate play played drink drank * *

Слайд 5

CORRECT THE MISTAKES No, he did sleep at night. What she see at the Zoo? My mum drinks milk yesterday. No, Liz didn’t went to the park. Did she was at school? Where they were? They not play with the cat. Whom did you saw in the street? No, he didn’t sleep at night What did she see at the Zoo? My mum drank milk yesterday No, Liz didn’t go to the park. Was she at school? Where were they? They didn’t play with the cat Whom did you see in the street? * *

Слайд 6

MATCH THE QUESTIONS AND THE ANSWERS Did you write an e-mail yesterday? Whom did you meet there? Did she call you? Where did you go on Sunday? Where were you? What did they do there? To the skating-rink No, she didn’t Yes, I did In the cinema A lot of new friends Read a fairy tale * *

Слайд 7

HOW TO ASK QUESTIONS ? Eat, you , what, last, did, Sunday? Yesterday, Nancy, was, where? Your, you, when, see, did, friends? She, drink, morning, did, tea, yesterday? They, when, were, the, at, party? What did you eat last Sunday? Where was Nancy yesterday? When did you see your friends? Did she drink tea yesterday morning? When were they at the party? * *

Слайд 8

READ AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CHILDREN Last Sunday Bob got up at 10 and went to the park. He saw his friend Jane there. It was warm and sunny. Jane bought ice-cream and ate it. In the evening Bob and his mum drank tea with a big cake in the living room. At home Jane listened to her favourite music and watched an interesting film on TV. WH E N ? W H O M ? W H A T ? W H E RE ? W H O ? * *

Слайд 9

WHICH OF THE SENTENCES (A-D) MEAN THE SAME AS THE GIVEN ONE? * * Mary didn’t do her homework because she went to her friend’s birthday party. Mary was at her birthday party and didn’t do her homework. Mary did her homework because she went to her friend’s birthday party. Mary had no time to do her homework because she was at her friend’s birthday party. Mary didn’t go to the birthday party because she did her homework.

Слайд 10

SAY HOW THE GIRL SPENT LAST SUMMER What is the girl’s name? Where does she live? What did she do last summer? Make up a short story about her using the words: swim, go, play, buy, eat, drink, visit, see, walk, dance, draw, listen, help etc * *

Слайд 11

Ресурсы www.lenagold.ru Шаблоны для презентаций: www.proshkolu.ru/gofile/393021-a153252 (разработка Александровой З.В.) * *

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