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Royal National Theatre

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Royal National Theatre

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Royal National Theatre

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On the South Bank, by the river Thames in London, next to the Southbank Centre and about half-way between the London Eye and Tate Modern.

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The National Theatre was designed by Denys Lasdun and opened by the Queen in 1976

Слайд 4

It has three theatres, The Olivier, The Lyttelton, and the small Cottesloe* Why are the theatres named the Olivier, the Lyttelton and the Cottesloe? The Olivier Theatre is named after the National's first artistic director (1962 until 1973), the late Lord Olivier, then Sir Laurence Olivier (made Baron in 1970); the Lyttelton after the National's first Chairman (1962 until 1971), Oliver Lyttelton (the late Lord Chandos); and the small Cottesloe Theatre after the late Lord Cottesloe, first Chairman (1962 until 1977) of the South Bank Theatre Board.

Слайд 5

There are a wide range of ticket prices, which can vary from show to show − usually from £12 upwards. We also offer a number of concessionary prices. The production pages on this website give more information, or phone the box office on 020 7452 3000 for prices and availability. How much are the tickets?

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This scene

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VISITOR INFORMATION Opening Hours: Open Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 11pm, all year round, and on a number of Sundays from noon to 6pm (Check the Information Desk for Sundays and Bank holidays).  Facilities: Cafes,restaurants, bars, toilets and a fully stocked theatre shop  Events: Free exhibitions in foyers and free live music before performances. Outdoor events in the summer

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