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Презентація на тему:
People With Personality

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People With Personality

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Слайд 1

People With Personality Иванова Анжела Анатольевна МБОУСОШ №4 Г. Лермонтов Ставропольского края.

Слайд 2

Age He is old. He is middle aged, about forty. He is young. Vocabulary Work 2 Now let’s speak about appearance. To describe persons’ appearance correctly, first we go to the general characteristics: age, height, build. Age Is this man old or young? How old is this man? And what can we say about this boy age?

Слайд 3

Height He is tall. He is short. He is normal height. Height - Is this man tall or short? - And what about this man? - What can we say about this man height?

Слайд 4

Build She is slim. She is fat. Build Is this girl slim or fat? Is this girl slim or fat?

Слайд 5

Eyes grey eyes blue eyes green eyes dark eyes Note ! This is a black eye. Eyes What colour are the eyes? Note! This is a black eye!

Слайд 6

Introduction People consider him/her to be… They say he/she is… He/she looks… He/she always impresses people (un)favourably. -beautiful -handsome -attractive - pleasant -charming -lovely -pretty -nice -cute -good – looking -graceful -neat -tidy -plain -ugly

Слайд 7

Height and stature He/she is… He/she thinks he/she is too… and wants to lose weight -tall -short -of medium height -neither tall nor short -thin -slim -large -broad-shouldered -long-legged(armed) what is called -thin as a rail -skinny -well-built -plump -stout

Слайд 8

3. He/she has a… nose (with freckles on it) -long -short -straight -turned-up -hooked 4. He/she is He/she has …cheeks/a … face. hollow(plump)-cheeked/oval(round)-faced. -hollow -plump -oval -round

Слайд 9

5. His/her … lips and … teeth make her smile … Though his/her lips are … and teeth are … , his/her smile is … -full -thin -red -pink -bright -pale -white yellowish -flashing -happy charming -cheerful -pleasant

Слайд 10

7. He/she has a … expression (look) on his/her face. -thoughtful -absent -nice -gloomy -pleasant -serious

Слайд 11

Vocabulary Describing appearance In general Hair Face Eyes Body beautiful handsome good-looking pretty ugly lovely short tall of mediumheight plump slim fat muscular enormous odd plain overweight skinny fragile long curly beautiful ugly lovely short thin thick wavy shoulder-length dark tidy light brown (in a ponytail) oval square long beautiful pretty ugly lovely plump thin fat round big small beautiful lovely enormous round ice-blue kind long beautiful ugly lovely thin fat muscular short slim plump enormous fragile

Слайд 12

Long - longish Short - shortish Fat – fattish Big - biggish Light – lightish Dark – darkish Yellow – yellowish Red – reddish (except black and white) -ish

Слайд 13

Feel the difference. What does he look like? Как он выглядит? Who does he look like? На кого он похож?

Слайд 14

Слайд 15


Слайд 16

Слайд 17

Слайд 18

1 ленивый lazy 2 трудолюбивый hard-working 3 застенчивый shy 4 уверенный confident 5 глупый, тупой stupid 6 умный clever смелый brave веселый funny 9 талантливый talented щедрый generous активный active

Слайд 19

Слайд 20

Hobbies Collecting stamps Collecting dolls Reading Playing computer games Collecting coins Cinema Theatre

Слайд 21

Film Programme Comedy Detective film Black - and- white film Interval Video Musical Historical film Colour film фильм программа комедия детектив черно-белый фильм интервал видео музыкальный фильм исторический фильм цветной фильм

Слайд 22

Покотило Р. В. ГОУ СОШ 1200 ВАО Talk with your partner: What is school for you? I think… In my opinion… On the one hand… I agree… On the other hand… I don’t agree… As far as I’m concerned…

Слайд 23

Покотило Р. В. ГОУ СОШ 1200 ВАО Choose A good teacher should be: A good student shouldn’t be: attentive clever lazy boring polite knowledgable

Слайд 24

What does she/he look like? Как … выглядит? What is she/he like? Какой … характер? What does she/he like? Что … любит? Remember!

Слайд 25

1 2 3 4 5 6 ADJECTIVES: WORD-ORDER how big opinion adj how old what colour where from what is it made of NOUN a nice sunny day an intelligent young man a beautiful large round table a small black plastic bag an old white cotton shirt size, length shape, width 1 2

Слайд 26

Who makes you happy?

Слайд 27

What makes you happy?

Слайд 28


Слайд 29

Слайд 30

GOOD JOB! Choose a smile for your own according to your work at the lesson. Be objective! I did all my best! Excellent! I tried as much as I could. Rather good! I should learn English better! Not very well…

Слайд 31

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