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Презентація на тему:
Start the Day with a Smile

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Start the Day with a Smile

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1


Слайд 2

«Start the Day with a Smile» This is the way we start the day, Start the day, start the day, This is the way we start the day So early in the morning. First we smile and shake a hand, Shake a hand, shake a hand, First we smile and shake a hand So early in the morning.

Слайд 3

Then we sit down quietly, Quietly, quietly, Then we sit down quietly So early in the morning. We listen very carefully, Carefully, carefully, We listen very carefully So early in the morning.

Слайд 4

A, r, y, n, j, u, a brings the snow; Makes our feet and fingers glow. C, a, m, h, r brings the wind so cold and chill; Drives the cattle from the hill. Y, m, a brings grass and leafy trees, Waving in each gentle breeze. J, y, u, l brings the greatest heat, Cloudless skies and dusty street. Mild m, p, s, e, b, e, t, r, e brings us more Fruit and grain, for winter store. Dull m, o, v, r, e, n, e, b brings the blast: Down from the trees the leaves fall fast. U, r, f, a, r, e, y, b brings the rain; Thaws the frozen pond again. L, p, a, i, r brings us sun and showers, And the pretty wildwood flowers. N, e, j, u brings roses, fresh and fair, And the cherries ripe and rare. G, a, u, t, u, s brings the golden grain; Harvest time is here again. Brown b, o, c, r, o, t, e brings the last Of ripening gifts, from summer past. Cold m, e, d, c, r, e, b, e ends the rhyme With blazing fires and Christmas time.

Слайд 5

Put the lines in the correct order and make up the riddle When mornings are dark, In the forest and park. This is the season And birds do not sing   And Santa Claus brings This is the season The New Year’s tree. When children ski, When nobody likes This is the season To be in his room. When snowdrops bloom,   This is the season This is the season When birds make their nests, We all like best.

Слайд 6

On Halloween + 5 c At Christmas - 9 c At Easter + 10 c On Mothers Day - 7 c What will the weather be …? What will the temperature be…?

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

Complete the sentences with “on”, “at”. 1) We always meet together __ Christmas Day. 2) Children like to get presents ___Christmas. 3) Boys and girls prepare flowers for their mothers____Mother’s Day. 4) They usually decorate the Christmas tree _____Christmas Eve. 5) Our Granny makes tasty hot cross buns______ Easter. 6) Children like to go from house to house____Halloween.

Слайд 9

Choose the right item and fill in the gaps with its letter. 1. Today the weather is _______ than it was yesterday. a) warm b) warmer c) the warmest 2. July is_______ month in summer. a) hotter b) the hottest c) hot 3. Today is _____ day of this autumn. a) the wettest b) wetter c) wet 4. This is ______ New Year Party in my life. a) the best b) better c) good

Слайд 10

DO THE CRROSSWORD It is your very own holiday It’s a holiday of ghost, witches, and black cats. We send these cards on the 14th of February A holiday which is celebrate on the 25th of December. This holiday symbolized the birthday of Ukraine It’s a religious holiday. It’s celebrated on Sunday in April or May. We decorate fir tree on this holiday. It is celebrated in the USA in November.

Слайд 11


Слайд 12

Complete the following sentences:

Слайд 13

Слайд 14

Christmas Christmas - is the greatest holiday of all people. At Christmas people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. People go to church, send X-mas cards to their friends and relatives. People decorate Christmas trees with toys, coloured balls and lights. In Britain it is celebrated on the 25th of December.Children wake up early to find stockings full of presents . In Ukraine Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January. People go from one house to another, singing songs, the so-called "koliadky" and "schedrivky" It is believed that everything that the people have sung in their Kolyadka and Schedrivka will come true.

Слайд 15

Слайд 16

Слайд 17

Слайд 18

Traditional Christmas Food

Слайд 19

The Birth of Jesus Christ

Слайд 20

Слайд 21

Слайд 22

New Year Is one of the most favorite of all holidays. On the 31st of December all people celebrate the New Year’s Eve. Traditional New Year parties and dances are held on the New Year’s Eve. People see the old year out and the New Year in. At midnight they sing New Year songs and wish a happy New Year.

Слайд 23

Слайд 24

Слайд 25

Слайд 26

Слайд 27

Слайд 28

Easter In April or at the end of March people celebrate Easter Day. Easter symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is one of the main Christian festivals. On that day the religious people go to church and listen to the service. In Ukraine children like this holiday for traditional brightly painted eggs and special Easter cakes,called paskas. In Britain children get chocolate eggs and rabbits.

Слайд 29

Слайд 30

Easter eggs Ukrainian Paskas

Слайд 31


Слайд 32

Слайд 33

Chocolate eggs and rabbits

Слайд 34

Mother’s day The 8th of March is the holiday when people show their love and respect for women. It’s a tradition to present them with flowers and gifts and “A Mother’s Day Card”

Слайд 35

Слайд 36

Слайд 37

Слайд 38

St. Valentine’s day On the 14th of February there is St. Valentine’s Day. People send Valentine’s cards to someone they love. Usually they don’t sing them – you must guess who sent cards to you.

Слайд 39

Слайд 40

Слайд 41

April Fool’s Day April Fool’s Day is on the 1st of April. People like this day very much. They play jokes and tricks on other people, even on teachers.

Слайд 42

Слайд 43

Слайд 44

Create a greeting card to some holiday HOMETASK

Слайд 45


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