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"Hotel “Golden Crown”"

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"Hotel “Golden Crown”"

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Слайд 1

Hotel “Golden Crown”

Слайд 2

The hotel “Golden Crown” is the most famous hotel in Spain. It located in Barcelona on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is very beautiful and comfortable. There is a large range of services.

Слайд 3

All the stylish rooms at the hotel are equipped with cable TV and free Wi-Fi. It overlooks the sea.

Слайд 4

Слайд 5

Слайд 6

The restaurant serves delicious Spanish cuisine. In addition, the hotel has a bar. The café offers fresh coffee, delicious cakes and desserts. In the morning a rich breakfast "buffet".

Слайд 7

The hotel “Golden Crown” has a large swimming pool.

Слайд 8

In the newly opened Royal Spa you can relax in the relaxation areas, saunas, steam baths.

Слайд 9

Don’t forget to visit the fitness center.

Слайд 10

Type of the rooms. Price Executive Double Room with sea view – 320$ Classic Double Room with 2 single beds – 150$ Classic Room – 125$ Superior Double Room with 2 single beds and views of the city – 280$ Superior King Room "queen-size“ – 250$ Luxury Double Room with sea view – 350$

Слайд 11

WELCOME! We will be glad to see you!

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