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Презентація на тему:
Orphaned by living parents

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Orphaned by living parents

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Слайд 1

Orphaned by living parents Project Kostrykin V., Datsko V., Prokaza D., Zayets A. Form 11 А School 11 Marhanets 2013

Слайд 2

Our plan:

Слайд 3

Why does this problem exist? continuing need for funds; lack of job in small towns.

Слайд 4

Who prepared you to school? A poll: 50 students were interviewed. Possible answers: Granny, grandpa, Mother, father, Brother, sister. The results: Granny, grandpa - 15, Mother, father - 25, Brother, sister -3, Myself -7.

Слайд 5

The results of the poll:

Слайд 6

The results of the poll: 50% of the children are prepared by their parents: 50% of the children are prepared by others. Can the children be happy ?

Слайд 7

The students’ progress at the beginning of the project:

Слайд 8

A letter to my mummy: Could I do my lessons, only thinking about you?

Слайд 9

The letter of the contest winner.

Слайд 10

How can we help? Com -puter training On-line courses On-line charting

Слайд 11

Our announcement:

Слайд 12

Our work results: Parents’ work places (the poll): Work in our town, but they are at work in the morning - 10; Work far from the house – 15; Our help to the parents: Attend computer training – 3; Chart on-line with their children – 5; Study at on-line courses – 2; Come back home – 1; Don’t want any help – 4

Слайд 13

The students' progress at the end of the project:

Слайд 14

Project summary: The students’ progress at school; Equalization of students’ emotions; On-line charting with parents; Getting some more computer skills. Thank everybody for help, supporting the children, whose parents work far from home.

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