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Living together

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Living together

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Слайд 1

Living together. 6 form Unit 7 The Presentation by the student of 7b form Zadonsky Aleksey

Слайд 2

Fill in the missing letters, translate the words. kn_fe on_on Bis_ui_ p_t_to_s Da_g_ter bo_l Pi_ co_sin Rel_t_ve u e e i a w o i i a c t u h Max points - 13

Слайд 3

Write as many words as you know on the theme “Family”. Time 5 minutes

Слайд 4

Make up sentences. 5)now, you, clearing, are the table? 4)from, sausage, what, made, the, is? 3)your, husband, her, is, older, aunt, than? like, does, mother, your, to, eat, pies? yesterday, you, a sandwich, make, did? 1) Did you make a sandwich yesterday? 2) Does your mother like to eat pies? 3) Is your aunt older than her husband? 4) What is the sausage made from? 5) Are you clearing the table now?

Слайд 5

Fill in the appropriate prepositions. Part 1 This dress is made ___ silk. We met Dick ___ the evening. He must give ___ drinking alcohol. I have to wash ___ after dinner. How does your niece get _______ with her parents? I’d like to talk _______ my dad. Who takes ___ rubbish in your family? It depends ___ my parents. from in up up on/alone to/with out on

Слайд 6

Fill in the appropriate prepositions Part 2 I should get rid ___ grammar mistakes. Watch ___! A big dog is coming. of out

Слайд 7

Thank you! Goodbye!

Слайд 8

The keys. 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5.

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