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Holidays and festivals in Britain

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Holidays and festivals in Britain

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Слайд 1

Holidays and festivals in Britain .

Слайд 2

, , , , , , , , , ,

Слайд 3

The day of dark spirits The day of Bonfires and Fireworks The day of Wonderful Presents The day of New Life

Слайд 4

Easter Christians Lambs Spirits Ghost Pumpkins Treat Conspirators Bonfire ['i:stə] ['krɪsʧən], ['krɪstɪən] [læmz] ['spɪrɪts] [gəust] ['pʌmpkɪn] [tri:t] [,kənspɪ’rəɪtə] ['bɔn,fa(ɪ)ə]

Слайд 5

Complete the sentences: 1) At Easter Christians celebrate Christ’s … and victory over …. 2) Easter means …. 3) Long ago people thought that on 31 October …. 4)Some people dress up as …. 5) Guy Fawkes’ Night is on …. 6) When it gets dark, people …

Слайд 6


Слайд 7

Easter Easter Sunday - Christian holiday Christ’s return to life – celebrate Go to church – on this day Presents of chocolate - Easter eggs Symbols of Easter – a rabbit

Слайд 8

Can you speak about these British holidays? Halloween A very old tradition Spirits of the dead Witches and ghosts Lamps of pumpkins “Trick or treat”

Слайд 9

People don’t decorate homes. They never Prepare presents. Ghosts usually come to children. The children’s stockings are full of cheese and meat. They eat turkey or goose with vegetables “Jingle bells” is the most popular song for Easter. Christmas

Слайд 10

Guy Fawkes’ night

Слайд 11

At this lesson we… I have learned… I have found out… Now I can…

Слайд 12

HOMEWORK The most favourite British holidays are….They are celebrated on….During these holidays people like to….The history of these holidays dates back to…. Most of all I would like to go to Britain when people celebrate…because….

Слайд 13

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