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Northern Ireland. Варіант 1

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Northern Ireland. Варіант 1

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Слайд 1

Northern Ireland Northern Ireland is a very beautiful place. It is a land of mountains, rivers and lakes.

Слайд 2

Flag of Northern Ireland. Shamrock is the national symbol of Ireland Anthem of Northern Ireland.

Слайд 3

Belfast is the capital and the largest city in Northern Ireland. is situated in a district of mountains and lakes..

Слайд 4

Lagan The River Lagan is a major river in Northern Ireland which runs 40 miles (60 km)

Слайд 5

Derry Derry or Londonderry is the second biggest city in Northern Ireland . Derry comes from the Irish ‘doire’ , a place of oaks. Londonderry is famous for City Walls which were built in 1617 and have survived three attacks and four centuries.

Слайд 6

You also can visit "Road of Giants“ - a rock formation on the northern coast, consisting of several thousand basalt columns up to 6 metres in height. According to legend, this building was built by giants as part of the way from Ireland to Scotland.

Слайд 7

Irish say that giants used to live north of Belfast. One giant, Finn McCool, the commander of the king of Ireland's army, fell in love with a woman giant in Scotland. He wanted her to come to him so he started to build a bridge, the Giant's Causeway, so that she could walk across the sea.

Слайд 8

There are a lot of talks about the conflict between Catholic and Protestant churches in Ireland. But now they are in peace. If you like History I advise you to visit the city of Derry.

Слайд 9

Thank you for your attention

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