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My future profession is a doctor

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My future profession is a doctor

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Слайд 1

FULFILLED: NATALIA DEMCHENKO My future profession is a doctor Dtmchenko Natalya 11th form

Слайд 2

There are many interesting and noble professions. Indeed, any profession and the significant lack of workers in a given area affects the population. I want my future profession to be connected with the medicine. Though it is very difficult. I’ll have to learn, work hard for education. Be a good doctor is a great hard work.

Слайд 3

A doctor can’t make a mistake. He must help people at any time of the day. Qualified specialist always diagnoses and institutes therapy correctly. Human life often depends on professionalism of a doctor. They must be very heedful and openhearted people. A doctor always must worry about a health of his patient.

Слайд 4

Now we choose a profession focusing on its demand in the community, and sufficient payment. And the best option is to combine these two factors and satisfaction from what we’re doing.

Слайд 5

Unfortunately Doctor’s work is very difficult and not always well paid but at the same time it’s very respectable

Слайд 6

Everyone wants to get pleasure from his job. Not everyone can do his work with pleasure-if you are ready for all kinds of difficulties, and you like what you do, you'll be able to achieve fascinating results and realize your dreams

Слайд 7

medical profession will always be in demand. That’s why this century scientists called “the century of medicine”, biology and chemistry the most amazing careers can be made by representatives of these professions.

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