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Слайд 1

SIMPLE FUTURE Will + V1 Function Example 1. To express a decision made at the moment of speaking. A: what would you like to have?B: I’ll have an orange juice. 2. To announce a planned future event (i.e. On the news- in a newspaper) The President will open the new hospital next Friday. 3. To express a willingness or unwillingness to carry out a future action a) To make a promise b) To make an offer A: the phone is ringing.B: I’ll get ita)-Don’t worry we will find the right job for you.b)-I’ll take you to airport. 4. To make a prediction a) To express a certainty or uncertainty (with maybe, perhaps, I’m sure, I’m not sure, etc) b) To express thoughts, hopes, beliefs, and expectations about the future Fortuneteller: you will marry with a millionaire. a)-According to weather forecast, it will not snow tomorrow. (But weather forecast isn’t always right.)b)--If he changes his mind, he’ll let us know.b)-I hope, things will improve soon 5. To talk about an event which is certain to happen I’ll be 22on Monday.HINT: this is not a planned action or event.

Слайд 2

Be going to +V1 Function Example 1. To talk about what we’ve already decided to do or planned; it expresses the intention of the subj. a) To talk about intentions - I’m going to see my dentist tomorrow. Luniz says he’s going to be a doctor. a)-I’m going to spend the weekend with my friend. 2. When there is something in the present situation that shows what will happen in the near future. In this case the speaker is sure about what will happen. -The wind has changed and the clouds are black. I think it is going to rain. - Watch out! That parcel is going to fall.

Слайд 3

The future progressive/continuous (will be+ Ving) Function Example 1. For an action, which will be in progress at a time in the future. This time tomorrow I’ll be flying to Istanbul. Next year we’ll be living in Antalya. 2. For an action that’s part of a plan or arrangement. She will be leaving school in July. 3. As a polite way of asking about someone’s plan. Will you be watching Sunday’s film this noon?

Слайд 4

The future perfect (will+ have+ V3) Function Example 1. To talk about an action or event that will already be completed by a certain time in the future. -The program will have ended long before we get back. 2. When something is taken for granted. -He’ll undoubtedly have made 100 runs before the end of the game. 3. We use the future perfect with verbs which point to completion, complete, finish, start, leave, retire etc -Hurry up! By the time we get there the film will have started. 4. We often use future perfect with by, and not…. till/until. -I’ll have retired by the year 2015 -I won’t have retired till the year 2015

Слайд 5

The future perfect progressive/continuous (will+ have been +Ving) Function Example 1. For an action, which begin before a certain future time and will not have finished by that time. It stresses the continuity of the action. - By the end of this year Orhan pamuk will have been working on his new novel for 2 years 2. With verbs like learning, lying, raining, waiting, practice, live, stay, work, etc which naturally suggest continuity. - By the end of this week, I will have been waiting for three weeks for my phone to be installed.

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