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My future profession military

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My future profession military

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What I would like to be? This question passes me greatly. Every job has its elements of difficulties and interest. I think that nearly all the professions are very important in life But to choose the right occupation is very difficult, because we must take in to consideration many factors. We must consider our personal taste and our kind of mind. As far as I want to stay military man. I suppose, that without this profession our country couldn't reach high level in the field of protection.

Слайд 3

There is a profession to protect our country.

Слайд 4

The average salary makes 14.13 thousand dollars a year for service under the contract. The social package as includes the medical insurance for the military man and members of his family, meal, grants on education, long holiday.

Слайд 5

The military man should possess Strong character, Flexibility, Patriotism, Qualities of the leader, Patience, Good physical preparation.

Слайд 6

The trade of the military man isn't insured from risk, probably that it is necessary to face "flashpoints" where take place operations. It is necessary to be able quickly and adequately to make decisions. After all «on a card» there can be human lives.

Слайд 7

    Casual people in army do not happen. Despite all economic pluses of military service, without feeling of patriotism to transfer such life it is impossible.

Слайд 8

I’m sure I’ll be good at the profession – the Defender of my motherland!

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