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Презентація на тему:
My English Portfolio

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My English Portfolio

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Слайд 1

My English Portfolio By Ann Lytvyniuk, grade 6A,School#5, Monastyrysche

Слайд 2

Teacher Introduction This portfolio was created by the 6th Grade student Ann Lytvyniuk, a member of “My Power Point” club, a great lover of English. We tried both to analyze Ann’s progress in studying English and apply her skills of making Power Point presentations . O.V. Kononenko

Слайд 3

It’s me and my English teacher. I love English, English lessons, my groupmates and my teacher. They are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have good results but I want to have them better.

Слайд 4

1. Do you try to speak English in the class? usually never sometimes 2. When the teacher says something that you don’t understand, you ask the teacher to repeat in your language say nothing ask another student ask the teacher to repeat in English 3. When you come to the class you bring… nothing your book and a piece of paper your book, activity book, notebook and a dictionary 1. A 3 B 0 C 1 2. A 1 B 0 C 1 D3 3. A 0 B 1 C 3 4. 2 points for each answer 13-17 You are an excellent student. You will learn a lot this year. 6-12 You are a good student. But think about your learning There is still room for improvement 0-5 You are waiting for someone to ‘teach’ you. Remember, it’s you who has to learn! 4. Outside the class you try to listen to songs in English read stories in English write to a penfriend in English watch films in English My score is 11. H-m-m… Am I really a good student?.. I must think what else I can do to improve my English!

Слайд 5

All about Me Speaking My Progress Test Results Language Arts Special Interests Club Work Click on a button below to take you to some examples of my best work. Comments About My Portfolio

Слайд 6

All About Me I like to be called: Aniuta The languages I speak outside school: Ukrainian at home Russian with my grandmother Interests: computers, travelling Likes: English, German, Music Dislikes: porridge, bad weather Family Information: no sister or brother yet. What a pity!

Слайд 7

Language Arts Listen to Me Read My Story My Poem My Handwriting

Слайд 8

My Story Ancient Ukrainians . Ancient Ukrainians were not rich . They had houses made of clay, but didn’t have stone houses. In every house there was a painted oven. Riding ,fishing ,singing ,dancing and making things of clay were popular free- time activities .There were lots of games and toys for children. The girls had dolls called motankas to play with . People kept hens, geese, ducks, cows, goats, horses and pigs as domestic animals. Ancient Ukrainians had lots of delicious food to eat (varenyky , borsch , potatoes, fruit , vegetables, meat and bread ).And their favourite drink was horilka . Ancient Ukrainians didn’t have cars, trains or planes. They used horses and carts for getting around and pulling things. They had light boats to sail.

Слайд 9

My Poem I am new in this school But have lots of friends. They are wonderful And always help. We play together, Sing, dance and learn And want to know English very well!

Слайд 10

My Handwriting Oops! Sorry, it’s not my handwriting. I’ll work harder to have it nice!

Слайд 11

My Progress 8 10 11

Слайд 12

Speaking. I can tell you about summer dos and don’ts Try to think of your health !

Слайд 13

My Test Results Listening

Слайд 14

My Power Point Club

Слайд 15

Special Interests I enjoy travelling abroad. I meet different people and I speak English. I have been to Poland Bulgaria Turkey Great Britain Egypt

Слайд 16

Comments About My Portfolio I use this section to collect comments from people about my portfolio. After you have looked through my portfolio write a comment on this slide. Some people included are: Teachers “Great job!” Principal (has not seen yet) Parents “Can’t believe it!” Friends “WOW”

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