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Презентація на тему:
"Medical Education in Ukraine"

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"Medical Education in Ukraine"

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Слайд 1

Medical Education in Ukraine

Слайд 2

College. Medical school. To have secondary medical education in Ukraine you should finish college or medical school. College – it is institution of the first and second level of accreditation

Слайд 3

In Ukraine there are 26 medical colleges some of them are the PKMK and KMMK

Слайд 4

University After college for higher secondary education you need to enter higher education medical University

Слайд 5

University is the institution with third. Fourth or fifth level of accreditation which conducts educational activities related to the acquisition of certain higher education One of them are the UANM DSEA and ONMedU

Слайд 6

Слайд 7

After graduation, young professionals internship in their chosen specialty.

Слайд 8

Internship is the primary postgraduate specialization graduates of medical institutions by a medical professional

Слайд 9

Clinical studies Then doctors Should try in clinical studies . Medical residents –is a person who has completed higher education and educational qualification level specialist or master medical direction and training of doctors some

Слайд 10

Residents – is a doctor who improve their skills in residency

Слайд 11

If you want to get a medical education in Ukraine you have to remember that it is received in a stationary mode And it can be As both free so paid.

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