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Maya. Ancient civilisations

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Maya. Ancient civilisations

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The Maya Civilisation of Central America counted 13 million people. Their territory reached from Chichen Itza on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula through Tikal in Guatemala to Copan in Honduras.

Слайд 3

They were Indians, they were short, had a thin constitution, they had wide nostrils, thick lips, the skin was black.

Слайд 4

People lived in tribes in caves, they hunted, fished, grew up cultural cereals. They worshipped to the gods and submitted to tsars and priests, built temples and palaces, made ritual ceremonies, sacrificed itself, at war with neighbours.

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Слайд 6

The Maya Civilisation has been destroyed as a result of change of the climate. The drought lasted decades rains dropped out seldom, there were few rivers, they could not be engaged in agriculture. People didn’t wish to surrender and tried to adapt to new conditions of a life more quickly. But more and more people perished for famine and as a result the whole Maya Civilisation died. Ruins of over 100 cities (the largest Tikal, Uxmal, Mayanpan) were kept.

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It is necessary to be strong, courageous, not to surrender, to achieve the aims laid down even if it is impossible, it is necessary to use all the ways of solving of a problem, then it will lead people to good results.

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