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The tribes of the Maya

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The tribes of the Maya

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The tribes of the Maya

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Maya - a civilization in Central America, known for its literature, art, architecture, and mathematical and astronomical systems. The Maya began to form in pre-classical era (2000 BC. - 250 AD.), and most cities had reached its peak during the Classic Period (250 AD. - 900 AD.). It had been existed until the arrival of the conquistadors.

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Towns of the Maya were built of stone, many of which were abandoned long before the Europeans arrived, others were inhabited and after. Other natoins of Central America used the calendar, discovered by the Maya. The Maya used hieroglyphic writing system, partially decoded. Numerous inscriptions on the monuments are saved nowadays. Also the Maya created an effective system of agriculture, had thorough knowledges in astronomy.

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Existence Early pre-classical period (about 2000-900 BC. ) The average pre-classical period (about  900-400 BC.) Late pre-classical period (about 400 years BC. - 250, AD.) Early Classic period (about 250-600 years AD.) Late Classic period (about 600-900 years AD.)

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Слайд 8

The art of the ancient Maya had reached its development during the classical period (about 250 years - 900 years AD.). Wall frescos in Palenque, Bonampak, and Copan are among the most beautiful. Beauty of image of people on frescos allow to compare these monuments of culture with the monuments of culture of the ancient world.

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Слайд 11

That’s why, this period of the Maya civilization is considered as a classical. Unfortunately, many monuments of the culture were not saved because they were either destroyed by the invaders, or by the time.

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