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Literary Places of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Literary Places of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Virtual excursion Грязнова Валентина Сергеевна Literary Places of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Слайд 2

What have I done for you, England, my England? What is there I would not do, England, my own? With your glorious eyes austere, As the Lord were walking near, Whispering terrible things and dear As the Song on your bugles blown, England— Round the world on your bugles blown!

Слайд 3

Children’s books combine frightening things with humour

Слайд 4

England Literary Tour Wales Northern Ireland Scotland

Слайд 5

Jane Austen spent her short life in Hampshire, near the south coast of England. Her famous novels are "Sense and Sensibility" (1811), "Pride and Prejudice" (1813), "Emma" (1815), Northanger Abbey" (1818) and "Persuasion" (1818). These novels describe the everyday life of people in the upper-middle class circles . The House-Museum of Jane Austen in Bath

Слайд 6

England produced and inspired these celebrated writers Emily , Anne, Charlotte Bronte Geoffrey Chaucer Percy Bisshe Shelley William Wordsworth

Слайд 7

Charles Dickens was the most popular novelist in the English language in the nineteenth century. His popular works are “The Picwick Papers”, “Oliver Twist”, “A Christmas Carol”, “David Copperfield “, “A Tale of Two Cities” Charles Dickens When he was only 12, Charles had to leave school and work in a factory. His novels often tell the stories of young children who work hard to escape а life of poverty You can visit Charles Dickens ‘s Museum in Portsmouth, England

Слайд 8

The Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey tour 221B Baker Street was assigned to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on 27 March 1990 Sherlock Holmes Museum Arthur Conan Doyle The best place to begin a literary exploration of London is at Westminster Abbey. Here you’ll find the Poet’s Corner with monuments and tombs of outstanding writers: Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling,Chaucer, Spenser, Dryden, Ben Jonson, and Milton, Shakespeare, Burns, Byron, Walter Scott, Thackeray The Statue of W.Shakespeare

Слайд 9

Roald Dahl Roald Dahl is the modern children’s writer Cardiff is the motherland of Roald Dahl Museum of R.Dahl

Слайд 10

September, 13 - Roald Dahl’s Day

Слайд 11

Ireland is the birthplace of the famous writer Oscar Wilde He is famous for his play “The Importance of Being Earnest” and the story “The Picture of Dorian Gray” Northern Ireland

Слайд 12

Могила Оскара Уайльда в Père Lachaise The House of the Wilde’s family A beautiful Garden before O. Wilde’s House A monument in the Garden The Museum of writers The Tomb of Oscar Wilde

Слайд 13

The most popular books of Oscar Wilde tour

Слайд 14

The annual Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction was created in 2010 by the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch, whose ancestors were closely linked to Sir Walter Scott. At £25,000 it is one of the largest prizes in British literature

Слайд 15

What places are connected with William Shakespeare? What places in Britain are connected with Jane Austen? Where is the Poet’s Corner? What place in Oxford is connected with Lewis Carroll and his story "Alice in Wonderland“? Where is Conan Doyle’s Museum? What is 221 Baker Street in London famous for? Викторина Who is the author of the poem “My Heart in the Highlands? What have you known about him? What country is the motherland of Walter Scott? What places are connected with Roald Dahl? What have you known about Oscar Wilde ? Who was the most popular novelist in the English language in the nineteenth century? How is the famous Scottish poet R. Burns honoured by Scottish people? Who wrote “People and Prejudice and Emma”? His real name was Charles Dodgson. What is his pseudonym? A popular British writer, especially of children’s books which often combine frightening with humour. Who is this? His books described the life in Victorian England and showed how hard it was, especially for the poor and for children. Who is this writer?

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