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Презентація на тему:
Winter holidays in Ukraine

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Winter holidays in Ukraine

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Слайд 1

Thursday, the sixth of December. Classwork

Слайд 2

The Rules Of The Lesson Smile a lot. Communicate with classmates. Enjoy reading. Move and participate actively the classroom. Be creative. The Rules Of The Lesson

Слайд 3

The theme of the lesson: The Main Winter Holidays in Ukraine

Слайд 4

Put the letters in the correct order. 1. valstennetiyads 2. neewollah 3. tereas 4. wenraey 5. ristsamch 6. stdasalokcin 7. rsethomady

Слайд 5

Слайд 6

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

Prayer to St. Nicholas God of joy and cheer, we thank you for your servant, the good bishop Nicholas. In loving the poor, he showed us your kindness; in caring for your children, he revealed your love. Make us thoughtful without need of reward so that we, too, may be good followers of Jesus.

Слайд 9

Слайд 10

With what do associate these words and word-combinations? Christ Holy Supper Family holiday Christ angel religious holiday to sing carols herdsmen national holiday Twelve dishes Christ

Слайд 11


Слайд 12

Holy Supper

Слайд 13

Слайд 14

Hi, Ukrainian boys and girls. My name is Betty. I’m from London. I have never been in your country but I read much about Ukraine. It is December and people in our country prepare for Christmas. We celebrate this holiday on the 25th of December. The Christmas season is the most festive time of the year in England. It is a family holiday. Pupils at school have a two week vacation. In the evening on the 24th of December children hang their Christmas stockings on their beds or put them under the Christmas tree. Santa Claus puts presents into them. Relatives usually meet for big dinner of turkey and Christmas pudding and they give and receive presents. Before Christmas, groups of singers go from house to house. They collect money and sing Christmas songs. Welcome to our country on Christmas celebration. Best wishes. Betty

Слайд 15

Complete the sentences. It is December and people in England prepare for ... . They celebrate Christmas on the … . It is a … holiday. Pupils at school have a … . Santa Claus puts presents into … . The main dishes are …. .

Слайд 16

Correct the mistakes 1. English people celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January. 2. Ukrainian people live according Gregorian calendar. 3. The traditional Christmas dish in England are chocolate eggs and a cake. 4. In Ukraine we celebrate Christmas only one day. 5. Traditionally in Ukraine people prepare ten dishes for Holy Supper.  

Слайд 17

There are a lot of superstitious connected with Christmas and Holy evening: If a hen sings on Holy evening, you’ll have great joy. If you quarrel on Holy evening, you’ll quarrel the whole year. At night the girls count the stars. If one of them twinkles, somebody will be in love with you. Snow on Christmas Day means that Easter will be green.

Слайд 18

Complete the sentences. Use the right question tag. The New Year’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine on the 1st of January,…. ? In our country we do not celebrate Christmas on the 25th December, …. ? Many children go house to house and sing carols, … ? We do not live according Gregorian calendar, … ?    

Слайд 19

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