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Презентація на тему:
I love English

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I love English

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

“I love English” [Appearance, Have/Has got, Prepositions of places] Made by Shoeva Elena [ ГОУ ЦО №1445]

Слайд 2

Introduce yourself What is your name? How old are you? Where do you live? What’s your favourite colour (number)? Have you got a mother(father, little sister etc)? Have you got blue eyes(big nose, long hair)?

Слайд 3

Let’s recite a poem and play! I am a bony skeleton. I have a smiling mouth. I have no nose, I have five bony fingers And five bony toes. Hop, hop, hop! Jump, jump, jump! Go, go! Bump, bump, bump!

Слайд 4

Riddles ( about your classmates): Who is he/she? She is a girl. She has got fair and long hair. She has got blue eyes and small ears. Her nose isn’t big. She is nice and pretty. He is a boy. He is not tall but strong. He has got short fair hair. He has got a smiling mouth. His nose is not big. He can play hockey.

Слайд 5

Let’s check! (Game:”Postman”) She is a girl. She is nice. She has got long fair hair. She has got big, blue eyes. She has got a nice mouth. She has got a small ears. She has got long, black hair. She has got a long nose. She has got green eyes. Her mouth isn’t small. She is not old. He is not old. He has got dark hair. He has got a long nose. His mouth is big. He is merry. He is a baby-boy. He has got short fair hair. He has got a small nose. He has got big brown eyes. He is funny. He is little. His mouth is not big.

Слайд 6

Sing and do! This is my house, This is the door! The windows are clean, And so is the floor. As tall as can be Outside there’s a chimney, With smoke that goes up Come and see!

Слайд 7

Rabbit visits Winnie ( a dialogue by heart) R. – Good morning, Winnie! W.- Good morning, Rabbit! Would you like some tea and sweets? R.- I’d like some cabbage and a big red carrot, please. W.- Here you are . Help yourself! R.-Thank you, Winnie. W.-You are welcome! R.- I must go home. Goodbye! w.- That’s a pity. Bye-bye!

Слайд 8

Game : “Where’s my cassette?” In- в; On- на; Under- под. Is it on the table? Is it under the chair? Yes it is/ No, it isn’t Is it in the box? Is it on the shelf?

Слайд 9

The end. You are well done! Thank you for your attention!

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