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Global teenagers

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Global teenagers

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Слайд 2

What is a truly global teenager?

Слайд 3

Average score 1. beautiful 4 2. confident 8 3. creative 8 4. curious 8 5. demanding respect for their own person 7 6. enterprising 7 7. good at computers 7 8. good at critical thinking 7 9. good at English 8 10. good at lifelong learning 8 11. intelligent 7 12. reliable 8 13. respectful towards grown-ups 6 14. responsible towards family 8 15. responsible towards friends 8 16. responsible towards society 7 17. responsible towards the world 7 18. rich 4 19. sexy 4 20. tolerant towards other political views 6 21. tolerant towards other religious views 6 22. tolerant towards other sexual orientations 5 23. understanding 7 24. up-dated on world affairs 7 25. well-educated 8

Слайд 4

Слайд 5

When did the internet start? What can you do on it? Would you like to have a foreign friend? How can we meet him and to make him a friend? What attracts you in Internet communication? Why did it start?

Слайд 6

Search the services of good reputation Look for reviews of such sites to learn more about other students ` experiences Don`t join the service until you have done your research Use a nickname to protect your identity Never give personal information to anyone Stop contact with others if you feel uncomfortable with the topics of conversation Try to use the language you are studying in the classroom in communication with others Ask appropriate questions that will also help you learn about other cultures Remember that one`s personal experience might just that: to understand a whole culture The Internet Rules

Слайд 7

So, let`s make new friends on the Internet and learn English!

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