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Слайд 1

Theme: Teenagers. Their Problems and Activities .

Слайд 2

Objectives: To train in listening comprehension; to develop communicative skills, using active lexical units on the topic; to encourage creative thinking; to be able to express own opinions and views on the topic; to gather information and make conclusions; to practice in usage the Passive Voice; to develop youth culture and behaviour; to be able to solve youth problems.

Слайд 3

Read the text and fill in the gaps in it. There are two words you don’t need to use: politics, part-time, problems, spots, boring, money, chore, appearance, guy, drugs, grades, hours, semester I am a teenager so my life isn’t easy. I have many _______. My parents want me to get good _______ at school. But I have so many subjects at school and some of them are extremely _______. I have to do much homework and to read many foolish books, while some teachers don’t understand that their subjects are not the most important things in my life. Some of my friends worry a lot about their __________ and their teenage _______ which spoil our lives! I must confess that _______, alcohol and AIDS don’t really bother me or my friends. The same I should say about ________. What we really care about is how to impress a cute _______ or an attractive girl. Of course I, like many other teenagers, have problems with _______. Some of my friends found a _______ job in order to have an opportunity to earn some money. But despite all these problems, the life of a teenager today isn’t a _______, it is still fun.

Слайд 4

Read the sentences and find the adjectives you think each sentence illustrates. 1.Sarah is friendly and enjoys being with other people. 2.Mark was not at all interested in the project. 3.Alfred was determined to be successful, rich and powerful. 4.John isn’t afraid of anything-bungee jumping, sky diving, even mountain climbing. 5.Monica is sympathetic and kind about other people problems. 6.When my cousin thinks that a situation is unacceptable, he usually shouts trying to make people do what he thinks is right.

Слайд 5

CROSSWORD Key – words: generation, youth, honest, drugs, rude, discos, nightclub, music, smoking, teens. G U R F S D M N D O P Z E F K H P R A F I S H A N Y R O A U I H S W O F E O I N I G H T C L U B R U D E F S D B O D B F A T O S R C M U S I C I T H U T K M A O I E T T I C M W V N M T H O P N O H S M O K I N G P Q R N F C N Z Q H T E E N S

Слайд 6

CROSSWORD Key – words: generation, youth, honest, drugs, rude, discos, nightclub, music, smoking, teens.

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