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Презентація на тему:
Whether computers are important in our lives?

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Whether computers are important in our lives?

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Whether computers are important in our lives?

Слайд 2

Importance Nowadays computers are everywhere: we use them at home, at work and at school. Children, pupils and adults can’t do anything without it, because they are addicted to them so much!

Слайд 3

The problem The more students use computers in school and at home, the worse their results in the study, according to the results of German scientists

Слайд 4

The aim is to show whether computers bring the use or danger to children To define the term “сomputer” and its pluses and minuses; To know more about the history of computers; To classify doctor’s opinion of computer-using among children.

Слайд 5

Finding information; Collecting the proper facts; Theoretical interpretation; Interrogation; Translating the information from Russian into English. The research methods:

Слайд 6

What is a computer? PC is a programmable data processor for data processing, transmission and storage of information. That is, the computer - a complex of program-controlled electronic devices.

Слайд 7


Слайд 8

How much time I spend in front of the computer?

Слайд 9

Рluses and minuses of computers

Слайд 10

Pluses: Fast search and processing of information (abstracts, coursework, presentations, etc.) - Easier to take courses (online courses on wheels); - A computer network there are a lot of training materials and manuals; -

Слайд 11

Pluses: - An opportunity to listen to your favorite music while working; - Writing letters to parents or a friend, do not have somewhere to run; - A lot of chat, where you can meet new friends and relax; - A lot of humor in the Internet;

Слайд 12

Minuses - Availability of a computer in his room makes a lot of temptations (games, chat), which adversely affects learning; - A computer at home - it is always a crowd of guests in the room as friends and relatives eager to internet and tea and buns. It's very distracting and interfere with learning;

Слайд 13

- Very often the computer becomes a source of conflict among its users; - The computer requires a financial cost of repairs, upgrades, pay for access to networks, etc. - Internet is for homework, are not forced to use his head!

Слайд 14

From the history of computers

Слайд 15

History In February 1946 the world learned that the United States launched the world's first electronic computer ENIAC, the construction of which cost nearly half a million dollars.

Слайд 16

History Assembly, equipment which is not installed within three years (from 1943 to 1945) that capture the imagination of contemporaries with its size.

Слайд 17

Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (ENIAC) - Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer weighed 28 tons, consumed 140 kW of energy and cooled aircraft engines Chrysler. This year, the ENIAC computer celebrated its 63 birthday. The first computers

Слайд 18

The first computers All computers , which has been invented by him had his only options and prototypes, and were regarded as experimental. The ENIAC, equal in power to thousands of calculators, called the first "electronic calculator"

Слайд 19

Can a computer help your children learning?

Слайд 20

German scientists have found that the more students use computers in school and at home, the worse their results in the study of languages and mathematics. These findings scientists made after the test 100 000 15-year-olds in 32 European countries. Computers hinder learning

Слайд 21

Home computers are often distract children from schoolwork. And in schools, generously equipped with computers, students have shown the worst results because computers are replaced by other, more effective forms of training.

Слайд 22

Computer radically altered the lives of students, affecting their studies, recreation and the very image of their thinking. Buying a computer - is a reliable investment in the education of your children. Influence of computers

Слайд 23

In modern schools computers are gradually becoming an integral part of the educational process, playing an increasing role in children's education. Influence of computers

Слайд 24

Harmful of computers? Many parents, acting on the principle of "the sooner the better, starting to familiarize kids with the mouse and keyboard have a 2 - 3 years. And make a mistake.

Слайд 25

Harm or not? According to doctors, to put my child at the computer should be only five years. At this age children can already hold in front of the monitor for 20 minutes several times a week, from 8 years old - up to half an hour.

Слайд 26

It is important to adhere to these time frames, so as not to harm the health of a son or daughter. When your child will do in the game that something was wrong, the young player will receive an explanation and a little help from the cheerful and funny heroes games to the next time easier for myself to make the right decision.

Слайд 27

Harm or not? For a kid of five - seven years will approach promising programs that develop the skills necessary for admission to school: subtraction, addition, reading, capture, and guessing the musical sounds, as well as coaching memory, lightning fast response and attention.

Слайд 28

It has been reported that early initiation of children to the computer threatens them stunted. In addition, communication with the computer prevents child learn interpersonal skills, and these omissions may subsequently greatly complicate his life. Near the computer, children are growing worse

Слайд 29

What exactly do you do with a computer?

Слайд 30

The problem should be solved Parents should limit the time of using computers by their children If you have to work for a long time you should do exercises for eyes Make pauses after 15 minutes work Plan the time to work and entertaining correctly

Слайд 31

RESULTS: Computers help us in our life and bring as positive and negative effect for children. Usually pupils use computers for playing games and searching through the Internet. But adults use them for their work.

Слайд 32


Слайд 33

Biboletova M.Z., Dobridina N.V., Trubaneva N.N., Английский язык 7 класс. – Обнинск:Титул, 2007. Internet sourses (БезФормата.ru, post@informeco.ru ) Klementjeva T.B. Книга для чтения. – Обнинск: Титул, 2002. Wikipedia Literature:

Слайд 34

The project is done by: Portnyagina Ekaterina School: 37, 8 ”A” Teacher: Ilyasova Victoria Ramilievna

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