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England. Варіант 1

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England. Варіант 1

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Слайд 1

England England is the central part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The capital of England is London, which stands on the river Thames. England, is extremely popular with students wishing to study abroad

Слайд 2

The symbols of England a red rose Saint George the flag

Слайд 3

Attractions in England Stonehenge St. James's Palace Tower Bridge Windsor Castle Big Ben

Слайд 4

Stonehenge Stonehenge - a majestic structure made of huge stone blocks, built four thousand years ago . At the moment Stonehenge is used as an astronomical observatory, which made it possible to determine the change of seasons.

Слайд 5

Another legend… There is a legend that Satan erected the monument. He put the stones and said that no one can count the number of them. But the priest could count that number of stones. Then Satan threw a stone at the priest but the priest rescued his heel. According to the legend a lot of priests had been starting to play football sice that time.

Слайд 6

I advise you to visit Stonehenge because this building is connected with the Sun and passing the seasons. It also attracts tourists to celebrate the summer solstice.

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