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e-mail writing tips

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e-mail writing tips

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Слайд 1

Email writing tips Some steps to follow. Natalia Kuntso School of Vyhoda

Слайд 2

How to write a ‘good email’

Слайд 3

How much should I write in an email? Email is meant for quick, simple communication. As a general guide that means roughly 4 or 5 paragraphs at most. Most people have a limited attention span with email - if they are receiving a lot of mail you want to get the main message explained in the shortest possible space.

Слайд 4

Dos & Don’ts Use an informative subject line, which says what the email is about. Write the most important information first. Use numbers and bullet points to make the message clearer. Use simple grammar. Avoid things like the passive. (As emails are a fast means of communication, they tend to be less wordy and complex than formal letters.) Write short sentences. Use paragraphs to keep the email clear and easy to understand Write 'hello' as your subject line. write about irrelevant issues. The reader will soon hit 'delete' if the email doesn't get to the point. Give personal information that you don't want anyone else to know. (The email could end up in the wrong hands) Use capital letters to write whole words as in emails, this is considered shouting. Use different fonts in the email (the recipient's computer may not be compatible) Use Italics (the reason may be misunderstood, due to cultural differences). Use exclamation marks. Use abbreviations like coz and uni, as the recipient may not understand them.   -Use acronyms like BTW for the same reason.   -Use smileys. They may be misunderstood and come across as unprofessional

Слайд 5

General Smileys If you are having trouble reading the smileys, just tilt your head to the left! }:-( Your toupee is blowing in the wind ;-) I’m only joking! 8-) I’m wearing glasses 0:-) The writer just made a sweet or innocent remark :-)(-: I’m married :-\ I’m undecided First appearance 1963 Created by Harvey Ball[1]

Слайд 6

Any more qeuestion? Do spelling and grammar matter in email? Yes, it does. Most email programs today have built-in spell checkers so there is no excuse! What are plain text and HTML format email? What do cc: and bcc: mean? There is a certain etiquette with email. It is courteous to add addresses to the 'cc' ( carbon copy ): field if those people need to know about the subject but are not required to act on the contents. The 'bcc' (blind carbon copy): field is useful where discretion is required. People in this field are concealed from other recipients in the 'To', 'cc:' and 'bcc:' fields. They can themselves see others in the 'To' and 'cc:' fields but not the 'bcc:' fields.

Слайд 7

As the world becomes increasingly digital, writing becomes more important. Whether you like it or not, your ability to exchange ideas, collaborate with others, and ultimately succeed, hinges on the ability to write effectively.

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