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Education in USA

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Education in USA

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Education in the USA

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This project is done by: Radchenko Veronika Konitskaya Oriyana

Слайд 3

Education in the USA Americans place a high value on education. Universal access to quality education has been one of the nation’s historic goals. In 1865 education was becoming available to all.

Слайд 4

Education in the USA The American system of school education differs from the systems in other countries. The peculiar feature of American education is the absence of national administration. Each of the 50 states controls and directs its own school.

Слайд 5

Versions of schools of the USA There are state public schools, private elementary schools and private secondary schools.

Слайд 6

State publish school Most students attend public schools. These schools are run by the government of a city. The citizens of the city pay taxes to pay for the school buildings, teachers’ salaries and equipment and supplies for the schools. Public schools are usually large.

Слайд 7

Private elementary school American children start school at the age of five years. The first year at school is called kindergarten. It is required of all American children enrolled in the American education system.

Слайд 8

Private elementary school The second year at school is considered the first year of primary school and is referred to as first grade.

Слайд 9

Private secondary school Primary school most commonly consists of five years of education, referred to as first through fifth grades. Upon completion of fifth grade (the last year of primary school), American children enrolled in the American education system advance to secondary school.

Слайд 10

Private secondary school Secondary school most commonly consists of a total of seven years, referred to as sixth through twelfth grades. The ninth through twelfth grades are most commonly referred to as high school. Upon completion of twelfth grade, American students are awarded a certificate called the high school diploma.

Слайд 11

Private secondary school Foreign students who would like to attend an American high school, need to consider how  the high school they select will give them access to the best colleges.

Слайд 12

Harvard College Harvard College was established in 1636, with the principal purpose of providing a literate ministry1 for colonial churches. It was a small institution, enrolling only 20 students in 1642 and 60 in 1660. It soon became more than a theological training school2 and established itself as a liberal arts college.

Слайд 13

Harvard College

Слайд 14

The College of William and Mary The next institution of higher learning established in the American colonies was the College of William and Mary, which opened in 1693 at Williamsburg, Virginia.

Слайд 15

Private and State Colleges and Universities Other colleges were founded in the next century, but all of them remained small schools for long periods.

Слайд 16

Private and State Colleges and Universities Private colleges and universities were established in various states. The first state university was the University of Virginia, founded in 1819.

Слайд 17

Private and State Colleges and Universities Higher education in the USA may be divided into two broad fields: liberal arts and professional. Each of these fields may be further subdivided into undergraduate and graduate levels.

Слайд 18

Private and State Colleges and Universities

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