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School education

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School education

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A good school Most important features of a good school are - a comfortable and spacious school building; - school grounds fitted with everything necessary; - up-to-date computer labs with Internet access; - a lot of modern equipment.

Слайд 3

A good school What really matters is - friendly atmosphere , built on tolerance and mutual respect; - effective rules and regulations; discipline based on common sense and reasonably relaxed.

Слайд 4

A good school What also should be taken into consideration is - a broad curriculum with a great choice of core subjects and options; - a variety of extra-curricular activities (such as different clubs, music/art/drama societies); - relations and close links with schools including schools abroad.

Слайд 5

A good school A good school can’t do without eager and willing pupils But what turns the scale is - highly-qualified, creative graduate teachers; - understanding and caring Form tutors; -a clever and efficient headmaster.

Слайд 6

A good school And the last but not the least is a good canteen with plenty of healthy and tasty food. We can’t but keep in mind good sports facilities, job counselling and psychological help as well.

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Слайд 10

The aims of school education The main aim of school education is not just to give students useful information, but to teach them thinking skills, to make decisions and choices, to develop their mental abilities. Teachers should stir pupils’ curiosity, creativity and imagination; broaden their horizons; deepen their way of thinking; enrich their outlook and scope of knowledge.

Слайд 11

The aims of school education Students should be not only introduced to science, but should be taught to communicate what they know, to use it. They can’t do without an ability to search for information themselves. Teachers can’t but encourage them to find their own solutions to problems, motivate them to continue their self- education.

Слайд 12

School activities Schools offer a wide range of subjects such as Maths, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, History and so on. There is also a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Слайд 13

My favourite subject I suppose one of the most important and useful subjects is English. It really has a great effect on pupils’ mental abilities and outlook. We can’t but keep in mind that it is essential to one’s literacy, to finding a good job. Many jobs require the knowledge of English nowadays. From the practical point of view it will come in handy one day by all means.

Слайд 14

My favourite subject If you want to be a well-educated, knowledgeable, intelligent person, English will do you a lot of good because it teaches you skills that are in demand today.

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