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"Education in New Zealand"

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"Education in New Zealand"

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Слайд 1

Education of New Zealand

Слайд 2

The education in New Zealand

Слайд 3

The Educational system of New Zealand Primary/ Intermediate ( Ages 5-12 ) Secondary ( Ages 13-18 ) Tertiary : 1. Polytechnics, Institutes of Technology and Private Education Providers. 2. Universities and colleges of education

Слайд 4

The system of education can be divided into four parts: AGE YEAR 5 1 Primary school commences 6 2 Primary school 7 3 Primary school 8 4 Primary school 9 5 Primary school 10 6 Primary school 11 7 Primary or intermediate school 12 8 Primary or intermediate school 13 9 Secondary school 14 10 Secondary school 15 11 NCEA*Level 1 16 12 NCEA* Level 2 17 13 NCEA* Level 3 *New Zealand Certificate of Educational Achievement

Слайд 5

Secondary education curriculum Years 9-10 Students in Years 9 and 10 study a basic core of subjects: English, social study, general studies, maths, music, art and crafts and physical education. Years 11-13 The NCEA is New Zealand’ s main national qualification for secondary students in Years 11-13

Слайд 6

National Certificate of Educational Achievement NCEA Level 1 is offered in Year 11 Level 2 in Year 12 Level 3 ( and 4 Scholarship qualification) in Year 13 These 3(4) levels are first steps of eight levels in the National Qualifications Framework. NCEA enables students to link their secondary education to their tertiary education, with all levels recognised by universities and other tertiary education providers around New Zealand.

Слайд 7

Secondary education as a pathway to further study There are numerous educational opportunities at tertiary level. Options available for further study include: Foundations Studies are an introduction to the NZ education system and courses are useful for students looking to enter the tertiary education system. Universities (There are about eight State Universities. More then 110 thousand students study there(3-10% are foreigners)). Institutes of technology and polytechnics Private training establishments ( most run on a similar timetable to state tertiary institutions.

Слайд 8

Courses of English language As a rule studying for foreign students in NZ starts with these courses. There is a wide choice of special language centres and departments of studying English at Polytechnics or Universities. Training is conducted in groups or individually. They are : Business English English during holidays Languages International - IELTS or TOEFL preparation course. General English

Слайд 9

Thank you for attention

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