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Презентація на тему:
Excursion around our native town

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Excursion around our native town

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Слайд 2

Letter: Dear pupils of the 7-th Form, Many thanks for your kind letter of welcome. Let me only ask you not to go to any trouble to arrange a special program for me. But you must promise that you will show me your native town. I shall feel much more comfortable if I do not interrupt your work. I look forward to seeing you. Best wishes and once again many thanks. Yours sincerely, Martin

Слайд 3

Patterns: – I enjoy travelling by … – I find pleasure in travelling by … – I am fond of travelling by … – Travelling by … appeals to my. – There is nothing like travelling by … – I have a special liking for travelling…

Слайд 4

Pattern: – I suggest going by… , because … -plane - train -bus - taxi -ship -bike

Слайд 5

Patterns: – If I were you I would visit… – If I had a chance I would visit… – I’d like to visit… – I’m looking forward to visiting… – I’ve just made up my mind… – I feel like going to… – I am simply longing to… Places of interest: Monuments, The Museum of Country Studying and History, The Natural Reserve “Ternyk”, The House of Culture, The Alley of Warriors, The Shevchenko’s Park, Cafes, Banks, Shops, Market Place, Local Enterprises.

Слайд 6

Our guest is mostly interested in history

Слайд 7

Our guest is fond of beautiful nature

Слайд 8

Our guest’s interest lies in art

Слайд 9

Neither guide nor bus excursions will need our guest

Слайд 10

Presentation draft programs: Patterns: – I think we’d better (start, go, take) – I suggest (going, talking) – Here is the route we want to take. – We’ve agreed upon the following route. – We’ve come to the conclusion… – We’ve decided that we’d better take the following route.

Слайд 11

Advertising Patterns: Don’t miss a unique chance of getting acquainted with… You’ll enjoy visiting… You can be a witness visiting… Make up your choice and you’ll be provided with many hours of pleasure. If you wish to extend your knowledge on history (art)… Welcome to… Visiting… you’ll have an opportunity to appreciate… Why not to see, visit… Visiting… is of great historical value. You’ll be impressed visiting…

Слайд 12

London Kyiv

Слайд 13

Home Task: Write a letter to your foreign pen-friend about your native town. Invite your friend to visit Novhorodka.

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