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Econimical of Canada

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Econimical of Canada

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Слайд 1

completed the student group GRS -12d Yagnich Taras Canadian economy

Слайд 2

Economy Canada has a developed market economy. Canada is a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the G8 (G8). The country's economy is growing at a fast pace and with low unemployment and large government surpluses in the federal budget.

Слайд 3

Canada is a highly industrialized and agrarian country. Major industries: mining and processing, food, woodworking, paper, transport equipment, chemical, fish, oil and gas. Transport - rail, road, river, lake, sea, air. Main ports: Vancouver, Seattle-El, Port-Cards, Thunder Bay, Montreal. In the economy of Canada, sectors of extractive industry and agriculture are manufacturing, manufacturing, construction and service sectors.

Слайд 4

Canada is one of the few energy-exporting countries in the world: large natural gas deposits are located on the east coast, and oil is in Alberta.   There are also large deposits of petroleum sands Athabaski - the second largest oil field in the world after Saudi Arabia. In Quebec, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and Manitoba, hydroelectric power is the most common and least expensive.

Слайд 5

Canada - one of the world's largest producers of agricultural products. Canadian prairies, built largely by the early waves of Ukrainian emigration, are among the largest suppliers of wheat and other crops.

Слайд 6

Canada, the largest producer of zinc and uranium, also has large deposits of other natural resources, such as: gold, nickel, aluminum, lead.

Слайд 7

There is a country and a highly developed processing industry in southern Ontario and Quebec; There are also car repair factories, affiliates of many American and Japanese automobile companies that are key to the economy of these provinces.

Слайд 8

Canada's economy is deeply integrated with the world economy and, to a certain extent, is highly dependent on international trade, especially with its largest trading partner, the United States of America. In 1989, Canada concluded a Canada-US Duty Free Trade Agreement (FTA), and in 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which included Mexico. Since the mid-1990s, the government has shown a positive balance of the federal budget and consistently pays government debt.

Слайд 9

The Canadian dollar (CAD) to the US (USD) is now the highest in the last ten years.

Слайд 10

Bank of CANADA

Слайд 11

Canadian cash

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