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Слайд 2

Countable nouns e.g. I eat banana every day. I like bananas. “banana” is a countable noun.

Слайд 3

Countable nouns A countable noun can be 1. singular (banana) or 2. plural (bananas) Countable nouns are things we can count. So we can say ‘one banana’ ,‘two bananas’ etc.

Слайд 4

Countable nouns Examples of countable nouns singular plural apple apples pineapple pineapples cucumber cucumbers strawberry strawberries grape grapes

Слайд 5

Countable nouns We add -es to most nouns in -o: tomato tomatoes potato potatoes But we just add -s to: radio radios photo photos

Слайд 6

Countable nouns Irregular Nouns: SINGULAR PLURAL Singular to plural -EN Child children Man men Ox oxen Woman women NO CHANGE Deer deer Fish fish Means means Offspring offspring Series series Sheep sheep Species species

Слайд 7

Countable nouns Irregular Noun SINGULAR PLURAL -EE foot feet goose geese tooth teeth

Слайд 8

UNCountable nouns e.g. I eat rice every day. I like rice. “rice” is an uncountable noun.

Слайд 9

uncountable nouns An uncountable noun has only one form. (rice) Uncountable nouns are things we cannot count. We cannot say ‘one rice’, ‘two rices’, etc.

Слайд 10

uncountable nouns Examples of uncountable nouns: Ink Lettuce Sugar Water Milk Etc.

Слайд 11

SOME – ANY – NO – A LOT OF SOME Some is used with: Positive sentences. When asking a question, if the answer is expected to be positive. e.g. The children have some free time. Please buy some bananas. Would you like some cake?

Слайд 12

SOME – ANY – NO – A LOT OF ANY Any is used with: Negative sentences. When asking a question. e.g. Do you have any ice cream left? I don't have any money today. My brother never does any thing good.

Слайд 13

SOME – ANY – NO – A LOT OF NO No is used with: Positive sentences with negative meaning. e.g. There is no coffee left in the jar. We have no milk this morning. They had no pens.

Слайд 14

SOME – ANY – NO – A LOT OF A LOT OF A lot of is used with: positive sentences, negative sentences and questions. e.g. There are a lot of dogs in the street. I have a lot of time to answer your questions. I saw a lot of people waiting in the queue. We did have a lot of fun, didn't we?

Слайд 15

quiz Put in a / an or some. I read ____ book and listened to ____ music. I need ____ money . I want to buy ____ food. We met ____ interesting people at the party. I’m going to open ____ window to get ____ fresh air. She didn’t eat much for lunch – only ____ apple and ____ bread. We live in ____ big house. There’s ____ nice garden with ____ beautiful trees. I’m going to make a table . First I need ____ wood. Listen to me carefully . I’m going to give you ____ advice. I want to write a letter . I need ____ paper and ____ pen. I’d like to eat ____ cookies.

Слайд 16

Circle the correct answer: I’d like some / any help. There aren’t some / any letters for you. Have you got some / any brothers or sisters? She’s got some / any interesting friends. Are there some / any restaurants near here? I’m having some / any problems with my car. I didn’t have some / any breakfast today. We need some / any more milk. he hasn’t done some / any work for ten years. Do you know some / any Americans?

Слайд 17

fill in the gaps with Some, Any, or no: Ann has _________candies. Bill doesn't have _________money. Sue will give us _________information. There is _____________ milk in the fridge. There isn't ________________beer. Only _____ of his friends came. Not all of them. There isn't ______ food in the refrigerator, is there? We are broke. We have ________money to buy grandpa a gift. Don't you know the proverb: "________ news is good news"? I'm busy. I have ____ time to chat with you now.

Слайд 18

There aren't ___ books on this topic in the library I gave him ___ medicine for his headache, so he feels much better now. He doesn't want ___ dessert, for he's on a diet. We are taking a short ride. There's ___ time for a long one The poor man has ___ food to eat. He's starving.

Слайд 19

Countable   Uncountable There are two hairs in my coffee! hair Idon'thavemuchhair. There are two lights in our bedroom. light Closethecurtain.There'stoomuchlight! Shhhhh! I thought I heard a noise. noise It's difficult to work when there is too much noise. Have you got a paper to read? (= newspaper) paper I want to draw a picture. Have you got some paper? Our house has seven rooms. room Is there room for me to sit here? We had a great time at the party. time Have you got time for a coffee? MacbethisoneofShakespeare'sgreatestworks. work Ihavenomoney. Ineedwork!

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