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Презентація на тему:
Choosing Career

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Choosing Career

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Слайд 1

HERE THE RATING OF THE MOST DEMANDED PROFESSIONS IN RUSSIA: masons house painters mechanics welders engineers architects IT-experts programmers bookkeepers marketing and advertising experts & etc. The qualified: 20% 60% 80% 100%

Слайд 2

THE TEACHER OF THE FOREIGN LANGUAGES High wages. One of the most profitable variants of this work is tutoring. Plusses of the profession: A great demand on a labour market. Schools, high schools, the numerous linguistic centers. The teachers of the foreign languages are invited to work at offices. Places of work: Competent, precise speech Good memory Attentiveness Patience Assiduity Personal qualities: Education: The faculty of the foreign languages the Theory of the teaching of the foreign languages

Слайд 3

THE AMBULANCE DOCTOR Places of work: The modern doctor of the urgent help has a choice. Alongside with the state structure, there work commercial services of the ambulance at private clinics. Personal qualities: Abilities to natural sciences Good health Desire to help people Readiness for the risk The responsibility The Higher medical. Education: Those who has been working for a long time, become the senior doctors, directors of the regional associations, the deputy of the head doctor. Career and the salary:

Слайд 4

THE MILITIA The militia in Russia represents the system of the state enforcement authorities, called to protect a life, health, the rights and freedom of the citizens, the property, interests of a society and the state from criminal and other illegal encroachments. Prevention and suppression of the crimes and administrative offences Rendering assistance to the citizens who have suffered from the crimes Acceptance and registration the applications and other information about the crimes Search the persons who have made the crime and also search the stolen property Regulation the traffic & etc. The duties of the militia:

Слайд 5

IT-EXPERTS AND OFFICE WORKERS The people specializing on the IT-technologies and programming are most demanded. Computers have already won our business sphere and that's why everyone who is able to program, has a real chance to find stable well-paid work. Analyzing any newspaper with vacancies, you can sweep up, that such professions as the secretary, the manager working with clients and clerks are very demanded. It's not the most prestigious posts, however, it can be a good start for your career. If you know Word, Excel, how to work with a fax and copier, any company will employ you with pleasure.

Слайд 6

THE TOURISM MANAGER The tourist branch is one of most profitable and perspective An opportunity to visit many countries A good salary Plusses of the profession: In tourism agencies or firms. Places of work: Sociability It is necessary to be cheerful, attentive and charming The ability to listen to the client Good memory & etc. Personal qualities:

Слайд 7

THE CONSTRUCTION Very good prospects for those who has a speciality which is connected with construction. Now the construction of the new habitation is very actively. The construction of sport buldings in Sochi promises stable work and wide experience to everyone who begins to work in this branch. There is a great demand on qualified workers of this speciality.

Слайд 8

This list of the most demanded professions can change a lot of times. Nevertheless, everyone can find a suitable work for him, it is necessary only a little efforts: to write the resume, to go to interviews if it is required, to get an additional education if it is necessary. …AND SOME ADVICE… The situation on the labour market is always changed and chances to find the place in a life are very high. It is not necessary to follow a fashionable speciality, but choose the individual professional way.

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