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Презентація на тему:
Обираючи кар’єру (Choosing the Career)

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Обираючи кар’єру (Choosing the Career)

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

School № 3 Project “Choosing the Career” Prepared by the pupils of the 10th form Mikhailovka 2012

Слайд 2

The epigraph of our project: “A profession doesn’t choose a person, but a person chooses a career” Socrates

Слайд 3

The essential question: Is it possible to choose the best profession in the world?

Слайд 4

We are working:

Слайд 5

Group 1 The aims of our work are : 1) to learn the world of professions; 2) to learn the words easily confused (job, profession, occupation, work, employment, career); 3) to find and digest the materials in the Internet; 4) to prepare the materials to make web-sites, pupils’ presentations and publications.

Слайд 6

We’ve learnt that: The word “profession” comes from the Latin professio and means "public performance." Romans used this word for occupation to which the man devoted himself and which was announced in publicly. There are more than 50 thousand of professions in the world. The world of professions is immense and volatile. Every year a lot of new jobs appear. They exist only for 5 - 15 years and then they disappear or change beyond recognition.

Слайд 7

We’ve learnt the words: Job – the work sb does to earn money, employment. Career – a job or profession for which one is trained and which one intends to follow for the whole of one’s life. Profession – job requiring advanced education or training. Occupation – a person’s regular work or profession. Work – particular task sb has to do in their job/ the place where sb does their job. Employment – work, esp. in return for regular payment.

Слайд 8

Our conclusion is: There are thousands of professions in the world. Do you want to choose the one that best suits you? Try to get to know the maximum number of them. It is difficult to make a choice if you do not know anything! Live and learn!

Слайд 9

Group 2 The aims of our work are : 1) to search the existing sources of choosing the professions; 2) to meet with the clerks of our local employment agency and interview them; 3) to examine the pupils’ knowledge about ways of choosing the career; 4) to prepare the materials to make web-sites, pupils’ presentations and publications.

Слайд 10

We’ve learnt that: Our parents, friends, teachers and psychologists can give us a piece of advice in choosing the career. We can use mass-media or the Internet while choosing our future career. We can go to the local employment agency and interview the clerks.

Слайд 11

We’ve visited the local employment agency and interviewed them

Слайд 12

The clerks of our local employment agency gave us some instructions

Слайд 13

How to Choose a Profession Write down what you're good at, any special abilities you have, and what you're interested in. Use the list of what you're good at to make a new list of possible professions that match those talents and abilities. Write down everything you can think of and use the help of others and the Internet to make your list even longer. Look at the list you've created and branch out even further from that list.

Слайд 14

Read your final list thoroughly and think of the logistics of each possible profession. Ask yourself questions like "Would this require me to move far away from my family?," "How much can I make annually doing this?," "What will I have to do to actually become this?" and narrow down the list. Go through your narrowed-down list again and choose your top three choices on the list based on the questions you've asked yourself and any thoughts given by family and friends.

Слайд 15

Find, in your local phone book if possible, others who are involved with the top three professions from your list. Contact each person by phone or email and ask them questions about the profession. Don’t stop until you have found a profession that you really have a passion for and that fits your interests and/or talents. Don't be discouraged if it takes a long time.

Слайд 16

We’ve quizzed the pupils of our school

Слайд 17

Our conclusion is: There are lots of different sources of information about professions. All of them are useful. You can follow somebody’s advice or make your own decision. Choosing a career takes deep thought and research.

Слайд 18

Group 3 The aims of our work are : 1) to divide the professions into groups; 2) to learn the ways of writing the resume; 3) to make our Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing a Career; 4) to make advice about the ways of behavior during the employment interview.

Слайд 19

We’ve divided the professions into groups: 1. Clerical – the jobs are done in offices and deal with people or simple office machinery. 2. Scientific – the jobs that need a background of interest in one sort of science. 3. Practical – the biggest group of all, it depends on skills other than those needed in exams. 4. Outdoor – these jobs are easier to find in the country than in the town. 5. Creative – these jobs need flair, skill and lots of luck. 6. Social jobs are ones where you help other people.

Слайд 20

We’ve learnt the ways of writing the resume and prepared a publication

Слайд 21

We’ve made advice about the ways of behavior during the employment interview 1.Give only relevant information. 2.Don’t say anything which makes the person seem less mature. 3.Don’t give only general information. 4.Give complete answers. Think about possible questions in advance. 5. Think about and practicing answering awkward questions in advance. 6. Don’t demonstrate negative attitude.

Слайд 22

We’ve made our Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing a Career Assess Yourself. Use career tests. Make a list of occupations to explore. Explore the occupations on your list. Conduct informational interviews. Continue narrowing down your list. Set your goals. Write a Career Action Plan. Train for Your New Career.

Слайд 23

Our conclusion is: There are hundreds of career options out there. How do you make a career choice when you don't really know what you want to do? You will have to put some time and energy into making your decision, but your effort will be well worth it in the end.

Слайд 24

Group 4 The aims of our work are : 1) to make the questionnaires among the pupils; 2) to make the top of careers; 3) to study the ways of choosing the career; 4) to analyze the ways of choosing the career.

Слайд 25

We’ve quizzed our pupils and now we can name the top of professions. 1. A computer network analyst 2. A computer software engineer 3. A personal and home care aide 4. A home health care aide 5. A medical assistant 6. A mental health counselor 7. A personal financial advisor 8. A financial analyst 9. A veterinary technician 10. An economist

Слайд 26

We’ve studied and analysed the ways of choosing the career

Слайд 27

Our conclusion is: Any way of choosing the career is possible. It doesn’t matter how to choose your future career. How many men, how many minds.

Слайд 28

We’ve used the Internet resources http://www.home-edu.ru/user/f/00001232/Psyhol/abit_prof.htm http://berst.moeobrazovanie.ru/chelovek_v_mire_professiy.html http://www.jobs.ua/career/ http://ubr.ua/leisure/it-is-interesting/top-10-professii-budushego-45527 http://images.yandex.ua/yandsearch?text=%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%BA%D0%B8&stype=image&lr=960&noreask=1

Слайд 29

The main conclusion and the answer to the essential question It’s impossible to choose the best profession in the world but it’s possible to choose the best career for you. You can learn the necessary information from special books devoted to the description of the world of professions, use the media (TV, the Internet, periodicals), communicate with your parents, teachers, friends, representatives of various professions or make your own decision. The main thing is a will. When there is a will there is a way.

Слайд 30

Thank you for attention!

Слайд 31

Источник шаблона: Максимова Ирина Анатольевна, МОУ СОШ №15 г. Тверь, учитель математики высшей категории, сайт «http://pedsovet.su/» http://www.absolute-kazakstan.kz/mebel/school/doska/6.jpg

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