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Слайд 2

The aims of the lesson are: To revise: 1. What does communication mean? 2. What are the types of communication? To speak about: 3. Why do people learn English? To try using one of the types of communication in our today’s work

Слайд 3

English dictionary (Macmillan): communicate [kə’mju:nɪkeɪt] –verb: - to express thoughts, feelings or information to another person or animal, for example by speaking or writing communication [kə,mju:nɪ’keɪʃ(ə)n] – noun: - the process of speaking or writing to someone to exchange information or ideas communicative [kə’mju:nɪkətiv] – adjective: - relating to the ability to communicate

Слайд 4

Communication means interacting with friends, having relationships. We all communicate in our own way but we need to learn how to do it effectively.

Слайд 5

When do we start our first communication?

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Слайд 9

Слайд 10

What is the most important type of communication? Verbal ? Non-verbal ?

Слайд 11

Let’s play a game Work in pairs. Don’t show the expressions to your partner. Try to explain the following phrases using non-verbal communication. Don’t say a word!!! Your partner has to write down the meaning that he/she will understand.

Слайд 12

Is it always possible to use non-verbal communication? Why?

Слайд 13

Do you know what this gesture means? In the USA – OK In France & Germany- “You are nothing, zero” In Japan – “money” In Tunisia – “I’m going to kill you”

Слайд 14

And what about this one? In the USA – everything is perfect In Greece – “ shut up” In Muslim countries can’t be used at all, indecent (неприличный) sign In Saudi Arabia – “go away”

Слайд 15

Types of verbal communication (spoken) Face to face discussions Speeches Television Radio Telephone conversations Seminars

Слайд 16

Types of verbal communication (writing) E-mails Books Letters Magazines Newspapers Notes Faxes Announcements

Слайд 17

The keys to a successful communication are: Expressing yourself clearly: word choice pronunciation tone of voice Understanding each other is easier: If people speak the same language

Слайд 18

What problems of communication do the people have in the following video clip? Why can’t they understand each other? (просмотр видеоэпизода Театра «Кривое зеркало» «Урок английского языка» - 1мин.35сек от начала)

Слайд 19

The answer: They speak different languages The pronunciation is terrible Their vocabulary is poor

Слайд 20

Is it really important to pronounce all the words correctly in order to communicate? Watch!!!

Слайд 21

Do you feel the difference? to sink [sink] – тонуть to think[θink] – думать What are you sinking/thinking about?

Слайд 22

What other words (which meanings are difficult to understand from their pronunciation) do you know? Pen – pan Ship – sheep Sit - seat Bit - beat Pick - peak

Слайд 23

Do you remember the person who had the same problems with the pronunciation? How did she manage to improve it?

Слайд 24

Phonetic drill [h]-sound In Hertford [hɑ:tfͻ:d], Hereford [herɪfͻ:d], and Hampshire [hæmpʃɪə], hurricanes hardly ever happen.

Слайд 25

Let’s see if you have any communication skills to present the following situations: You are going to make an appointment with a doctor (SB: p.62 ex. 1 ) You are applying for a job (SB: p.94 ex1-2) You are going to sign up for some courses (English, photography, gardening, cookery or etc.) (SB: p. 98 ex. 3)

Слайд 26

Now we came to the question why we must learn another language

Слайд 27

What can another language help you to do one day? To survive = to save your life (in a figurative sense, or maybe sometimes in the literal sense of the word)

Слайд 28

When you do something, you do it for a reason. That's your motivation. Look at different reasons why people learn English. Rewrite the sentences according to the model.

Слайд 29

Model:  I learn English because I want to be able to find a good job. — I learn English to be able to find a good job.   

Слайд 30

The conclusion: Communication is the exchange of information from one person to another . Effective communication takes place only if the listener understands the information or idea that the speaker wants to express. Communication can be of two types: verbal and non-verbal, and verbal is the best way to communicate English is the language of international communication, that’s why we learn it.

Слайд 31

There are situations when people can’t or maybe don’t want to use words to speak about their thoughts and feelings. What other languages can they use to express their feelings and emotions?

Слайд 32

Words don’t come easy

Слайд 33

Other ways of communication Language of music and songs Language of flowers

Слайд 34

Your homework is: Read the text “Flower language” Write down the names of the flowers mentioned in the text into your vocabulary books and learn them by heart Be ready to give a summary of the text

Слайд 35

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