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Презентація на тему:
Classic Literature Corner

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Classic Literature Corner

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Слайд 1

Classic Literature Corner “ Books and Writers”

Слайд 2

We’ll speak about habit of reading different kinds of books favourite books and literary characters British and Ukrainian writers and their biographies library rules

Слайд 3

Kinds of books: Fiction Science fiction Dramas Poems Advanture stories Non-fiction Detective stories Plays Fables Fairy tales Myths Love stories

Слайд 4

Library rules: Return the books in time. Keep books clean and tidy. Do not make drawings in books. Do not make dog ears. Do not tear the pages. Do not colour the pictures in books. Do not cut out the pictures. Do not lose books. Do not speak loudly.

Слайд 5

George Gordon Byron

Слайд 6

Alan Marshall Australian writer

Слайд 7

William Shakespeare Theatre “The Globe”

Слайд 8

Rudyard Kipling

Слайд 9

Robert Burns

Слайд 10

Charlotte Bronte 1816 - 1855

Слайд 11

Famous Charlotte's novels The 1st novel The 2nd novel

Слайд 12

Put the sentences in write order. Jane Eyre was attacked by the children. Lowood school was a hospital. Jane went to Lowood School. They read the Bible. Mr. Brocklehurst – the man in black came. Jane left her house. Jane said that she would never come back to that house. The girls washed their faces in water with ice.

Слайд 13

Mach these adjectives with pictures: cool-hearted cruel dissemble intelligent modest independent sincere rude arrogant Ms Reed was … , … and …

Слайд 14

Put “+” if the statement is write, put “-” if it is wrong. A new life began for Jane Eyre at Lowood school for poor girls. The teacher took Jane into a room with large windows. For supper they had a piece of cake and some tea. During the lessons the girls read the Bible and did exercises in their exercise-books After breakfast they went for a walk. The girls had lessons till two o'clock. During January, February and March the girls couldn't walk, because they had no boots. In May Lowood school was a hospital and some girls died there.

Слайд 15

Find out and read the description of the following: the girls' clothes the bedroom, where girls slept the morning next day the girls' study room at Lowood school the meals (supper and dinner) Mr. Brocklehurtst

Слайд 16

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