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British houses

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British houses

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Слайд 3

It is not joined to another house. It is built of brick and stale. It has a lot of little corners. In front of the house there ‘s a garden with a lawn. It has two floors and an attic. There is a kitchen, a dining-room and a living room on the ground floor. Almost in every house there is a fire-place in the living-room. There are bedrooms and several bathrooms on the first floor. There is always a room for guests. There is usually a study on the attic.  The garage is hidden away at the side of the house. Everyone in Britain dreams of living in a detached house.

Слайд 4

A semi-detached house is joined to another house on one side. It is for two families. The two parts of the house look like twins. This is the most common house style in the UK.

Слайд 5

It is one of several houses that are joined together. In most towns all over England there are streets of houses joined together in long rows. Terraced houses are often called row houses or townhouses. A terraced house is usually two to three storey structure. Terraced houses do not have neighbouring units above or below them. Lots of these houses have small gardens at the back. 

Слайд 6

It is a large building that is divided into apartments (flats). All the flats in this building share a front door. Some people buy a flat and it belongs to them. Other people rent a flat. They pay the rent every month to the person who owns the flat. Only cities and very big towns have block of flats. Nowadays only 40% of the British live in block of flats.

Слайд 7

A semi-detached house

Слайд 8

A detached house

Слайд 9

A detached house

Слайд 10

A block of flats

Слайд 11

A terraced house

Слайд 12

A terraced house

Слайд 13

A terraced house

Слайд 14

A street of terraced houses

Слайд 15

A detached house

Слайд 16

A terraced house

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