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У магазині (At the Shop)

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У магазині (At the Shop)

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

At your service

Слайд 2

Make up the word combinations how much a pair of lunch have trainers department of interest a place store

Слайд 3

Choose the odd word sausages cheese skirt meat toothpaste shampoo soap bread football tennis ball golf winter autumn spring day Monday week Sunday Tuesday black cold sunny hot jacket suit table shoes

Слайд 4

What kind of shops do you know? What can you buy there?

Слайд 5

Слайд 6

5 4 3 2 1 Crack a puzzle What can you collect?

Слайд 7

2 p s t a m

Слайд 8

3 p 0 s t a m s u v e n i r

Слайд 9

4 p o c s t a m s u v e n i r o i n

Слайд 10

5 p o c r s t a m s u v e n i r o i n c a

Слайд 11

p o c r d s t a m s u v e n i r o i n c a b a g e

Слайд 12

p o s t c a r d s t a m s u v e n i r o i n c a b a g e

Слайд 13

How much is it? How much are they? expensive beautiful £ 35 £ 23 big cheap £ 67 £ 89

Слайд 14

cheap £ 19 £ 59 comfortable £ 200 £ 10 000

Слайд 15

Complete the dialogue

Слайд 16

Let’s play Make up a dialogue

Слайд 17

You have 50 £ What can you buy? 55 £ 10 £ 5 £ 15 £ 25 £

Слайд 18

Write words Things people collect Things people can buy Types of shops

Слайд 19

"I'm not rich enough to afford cheap things”

Слайд 20

Our lesson is over Thanks for you work

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