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Shopping and the Stars

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Shopping and the Stars

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Слайд 1

Shopping and the Stars

Слайд 2

Match the star signs with their characteristics and choose appropriate presents for them. Star Signs Characteristics Presents Cancer Libra Capricorn Taurus Virgo Sagittarius love to play games and take risks have conservative tastes appreciate personal beauty romantic and faithful too polite to hurt your feelings very sensitive ambitious, hard-working and dedicated to their careers creatures of habit and well-organised enjoy a touch of luxury keen on collecting things rather diplomatic obsessed with time open-minded and optimistic love anything to do with "good old days" foreign gifts a night at the opera or a performance of classical music a diary or a bookcase a pair of rollerblades or skis fine leather goods or fresh flowers an antique ornament or piece of jewellery a piece of land a watch or an antique clock a favourite family photograph a business-related present a piece of art, an ornate mirror or a marble statue a trip to a beauty salon or a shopping spree

Слайд 3

Shopping and the Stars

Слайд 4

Shopping and the Stars

Слайд 5


Слайд 6

18th December 16th August 3rd January 4th June 28th October

Слайд 7

Can I help you? Could you show me that one? How much do they cost? How would you like to pay? Can I have the next size? Have you got them in red? Could I have it packed/delivered?

Слайд 8

Shopping and the Stars

Слайд 9

Design your diary page with pictures of presents you want to get for your next birthday and explain the reasons for your choice. Bear in mind your star sign!

Слайд 10

Thank you!

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