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People With Personality

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People With Personality

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Слайд 1

People With Personality Иванова Анжела Анатольевна МБОУСОШ №4 Г. Лермонтов Ставропольского края.

Слайд 2

Age He is old. He is middle aged, about forty. He is young. Vocabulary Work 2 Now let’s speak about appearance. To describe persons’ appearance correctly, first we go to the general characteristics: age, height, build. Age Is this man old or young? How old is this man? And what can we say about this boy age?

Слайд 3

Height He is tall. He is short. He is normal height. Height - Is this man tall or short? - And what about this man? - What can we say about this man height?

Слайд 4

Build She is slim. She is fat. Build Is this girl slim or fat? Is this girl slim or fat?

Слайд 5

Eyes grey eyes blue eyes green eyes dark eyes Note ! This is a black eye. Eyes What colour are the eyes? Note! This is a black eye!

Слайд 6

Introduction People consider him/her to be… They say he/she is… He/she looks… He/she always impresses people (un)favourably. -beautiful -handsome -attractive - pleasant -charming -lovely -pretty -nice -cute -good – looking -graceful -neat -tidy -plain -ugly

Слайд 7

Height and stature He/she is… He/she thinks he/she is too… and wants to lose weight -tall -short -of medium height -neither tall nor short -thin -slim -large -broad-shouldered -long-legged(armed) what is called -thin as a rail -skinny -well-built -plump -stout

Слайд 8

3. He/she has a… nose (with freckles on it) -long -short -straight -turned-up -hooked 4. He/she is He/she has …cheeks/a … face. hollow(plump)-cheeked/oval(round)-faced. -hollow -plump -oval -round

Слайд 9

5. His/her … lips and … teeth make her smile … Though his/her lips are … and teeth are … , his/her smile is … -full -thin -red -pink -bright -pale -white yellowish -flashing -happy charming -cheerful -pleasant