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Презентація на тему:
"Music in my life"

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"Music in my life"

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Слайд 1

Music in my life

Слайд 2

I love music, I think people can not live without it. We can hear music everywhere: in the streets and at home, over the radio and on TV, in the shops and in the parks.

Слайд 3

People all over the world are fond of music. They listen to music, they dance to music, they learn to play musical instruments.

Слайд 4

There are a lot of different kinds of music: pop, jazz, rap, rock and other.

Слайд 5

As for me, I also enjoy listening to rock music. The music I hate is heavy metal. I find it noisy and dreadful. Though some young people are fond of this style of music, it is not to everyone's taste.

Слайд 6

I enjoy listening music because it reflects my moods and emotions.

Слайд 7

Sometimes I attend music halls and the concerts, when popular groups and singers are there. I like watching music programs on TV.

Слайд 8

Okean Elzy

Слайд 9

The band was formed in Lviv in 1994. Okean Elzy is the most famous and most decorated Ukrainian rock band.

Слайд 10

Band members Denis Glinin Drums Denis Dudko Bass guitar Milos Jelic Keyboards, arrangements Slava Vakarchuk Vocals, songwriter

Слайд 11

The band vividly express themselves through in-depth lyrics, a unique musical style, and an impressive on-stage drive and energy.

Слайд 12

Songs Stina Obijmy Koly Navkolo Ni Dushi Na Linii Vognyu Zeleni Ochi Koly Tobi Vazhko Ne Pytai

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