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Health and food

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Health and food

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Нow are you planning to improve your English at the lesson ? to develop my speaking skills today. to get new information how to keep fit. to develop my writing skills. to speak English with my friends. present shows

Слайд 3

Do you know the names of different illnesses? A headache A backache A toothache An earache A tummy ache To hurt Dizzy To feel ill To catch a cold

Слайд 4

An apple a day keeps a doctor away

Слайд 5

Health is better than wealth A sound mind in a sound body Smoking is dangerous for your health

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Слайд 8

Fast food

Слайд 9

Слайд 10

ADVICES "should/should't" You ... eat vegetables and fruit. You ... drink hot milk and honey. You ... eat unfresh food. You ... sleep 8 hours a day. You ... get wet in rainy weather. You ... do morning exercises.

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