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Topic: NATIONAL CUISINE Reported Speech

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Слайд 3

Reported speech When we report what someone has said, we can: repeat exact words: Doctor described Mr. G’s condition as a “non-life closer to death”. report what they said: Kate said that her mother is a great cook. report the idea of what they said using a reporting verb: Bill decided to explain why his behavior was so bad.

Слайд 4

If you report: statements – use a “that – clause” She said that car was broken yesterday. questions – use an “if – clause” or “WH-clause” He asked me if I was ready to go with them. The doctor wondered what they had done with this situation. an order, a request or a piece of advice – use “to-clause”: She told him to go away.

Слайд 5

Report these sentences: 1. “Take these bags, please!” she asked me. She asked me to take those bags. 2. “I am in such difficult situation.”, - said Kate. Kate said that she was in difficult situation. 3. “Where is your report?”, - asked teacher. Teacher asked where my report was.

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