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Azerbaijan cuisine

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Azerbaijan cuisine

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Слайд 1

Traditional AZERBAIJAN Cuisine

Слайд 2

Azerbaijani cuisine is one of the most interesting one in the world in general and the Orient in particular. It is somewhat similar to traditions of Caucasian and Central Asian people but has its distinctive features. The majority of national food is cooked from mutton, beef and poultry. Azerbaijanis as well as other Moslems do not eat pork. Dishes from fishes, especially of sturgeon and chopped meat are widely spread there.

Слайд 3

Azerbaijani cuisine also can be vegetarian as there is abundance of vegetables in it: They cook potato, cabbage, carrot, beet, eggplant, cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, green string bean, radish, onion, greens, spinach, sorrel etc.

Слайд 4

Wide use of dressing with fragrant greens and spices gives the Azerbaijan cuisine specific taste. Azerbaijani cuisine widely uses such domestic spices as caraway seeds, fennel , anise, bay leaf, coriander and such kitchen herbs as mint, dill, parsley, celery, basil, thyme, etc. Especially popular in Azerbaijani cuisine is saffron: more than 50 national dishes are cooked with this herb! To enhance the flavors of dishes Azerbaijanis extensively use lemons, green and black olives, cherry plums, dried apricots, powder of dried pomegranate seeds etc.

Слайд 5

Azerbaijanis always drink tea, mainly black, BEFORE DINNER. According to the tradition as soon as guests arrive tea is the first thing to serve The advantage of this tradition is that tea drinking with many guests around the table makes conversation flow smoother. Tea in Azerbaijan is a symbol of hospitality. Traditional DINNER CEREMONY in Azerbaijan

Слайд 6

After tea go MAIN COURSES. Azerbaijani national cuisine offers more than 30 soups. Among them are every possible meat soups Azerbaijani soups are very thick and rich.

Слайд 7

DYUSHBARA = Azerbaijan pelmeni. 1. make broth 2. mince meat with addition of onions and spices. 3. Unleavened dough unroll up to 1 mm thickness, then cut it into small squares. 4. The squares fill with minced meat (2-3 grams per each) and shaped like triangle pouches. 5. put them into the boiling broth for 5 minutes. 6. serve dyushbara seasoned with coriander or dried mint with separately served wine vinegar with garlic

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Слайд 9

Greens, and fresh vegetable as tomatoes and cucumbers (pickled in winter) are a must on the table. National cheese brynza is always to the point))