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Слайд 1

Безугла Вікторія Юріївна учитель англійської мови Павлоградська загальноосвітня школа I-III ступенів № 5 Дніпропетровської області. Телефон 3-10-86 “Вашингтон у фотооб'єктиві” АНОТАЦІЯ У даній розробці представлені фотографії визначних місць Вашингтона та коментарі до них англійською мовою. Матеріали презентації можуть бути використані для удосконалення країнознавчої компетенції учнів на уроках англійської мови та в позакласній роботі.

Слайд 2

Слайд 3

The dome of the United States Capitol crowned with the statue of Freedom President George Washington laid the cornerstone of the Capitol on September 18, 1739. The designer is Dr. William Thornton.

Слайд 4

Washington Monument The white marble shaft rises 555 feet and stands on the Mall, between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol. Construction of the Monument was begun in 1848 and was completed in 1884, 85 years after the death of Washington in 1799.

Слайд 5

Слайд 6

In the Botanic Gardens there are regular and changing displays which corresponds to the seasons of the year

Слайд 7

The Department of Interior, the Federal Reserve Board, and the F.I.B. Building. The old Post Office has been a popular shopping and dining center since its conversion

Слайд 8

Jefferson Memorial. The Memorial, designed By John Russel Pope, was dedicated in 1943. The classical style reflects Jefferson's own taste in architecture and Bears a marked resemblance to Monticello, his home in Virginia.

Слайд 9

Lincoln Memorial. 19-foot-high marble statue Of the seated Lincoln is located Inside the Memorial: IN THIS TEMPLE AS IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE FOR WHOM HE SAVED THE UNION THE MEMORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN IS ENSHRINED FOREVER

Слайд 10

Mount Vernon, the Home of George Washington, is beautifully situated on the West bank of the Potomac River, 15 miles south of Washington, D.C. George Washington subsequently inherited the estate with thousands of acres of rolling land.

Слайд 11

The White House was burned by the British in 1814, but was rebuild and the porticos were added in 1820s.

Слайд 12

The White House has the simple elegance of a gracious American Home It reflects the design of manor houses in Ireland, England and France

Слайд 13

The National Air and Space Museum is dedicated to human's adventure in the conquest of air and space. The Permanent Exhibit contains the “Spirit of St. Louis” and the first rockets traveling into space.

Слайд 14

Ford's Theater / Lincoln Museum, where President Lincoln was assassinated, has been restored to re-create the setting where this tragic event occurred. Across from the theater is the Petersen House and just a few blocks away, Washington's China Town.

Слайд 15

It's no wonder that each year, millions of visitors come to see this magnificent city…

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