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University college Aberystwyth (університет Аберісвіз)

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University college Aberystwyth (університет Аберісвіз)

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Слайд 1

Aberystwyth University College

Слайд 2

Excursion to the University History Location Social life Entertainment Academic life Sports life University Departments

Слайд 3

Location Aberystwyth University is located amidst some of the most spectacular scenery in Britain. The quality of student life is enhanced by the proximity to the great outdoors and the opportunity to participate in sporting activities that are not available at most other universities.

Слайд 4

History The establishment of Aberystwyth University is one of the great romantic,heroic, stories of modern Welsh history. It was the work of a small group of patriots, led by Hugh Owen, a London Welshman, who sought from the 1850s onwards to raise enough money by public and private subscription to establish a college of university status in Wales. It was almost an impossible ambition. In 1872, the University was opened in a half-finished hotel building on the sea front in Aberystwyth. There were 26 ill-prepared students and a teaching staff of three.

Слайд 5

The first dozen or so years were a desperate struggle for survival. Aberystwyth is one of the first institutions to admit female students.

Слайд 6

In 2007, all the colleges of the University of Wales entered a new phase of existence as independent universities, though strong bonds of co-operation remain, re-affirmed in the St David’s Day accord of 2009 between Aberystwyth and the other four leading universities of Wales. Newly independent, Aberystwyth University reflects with pride on the heritage of its past, and faces the future with the confidence.

Слайд 7

Social life University is not about studying 24 hours a day (although there will be times when you'll get close). Hence, a large proportion of your time will be "free time". What you do during your free time is totally up to you: whether you want to spend it on one of the many stunning beaches, listening to live music or even going out with friends, one thing is guaranteed: a superb social life.

Слайд 8

Entertainment The Students' Union, and Art Centre regularly attract some of the UK's top performers as well as up and coming acts and specialised artists. However, it doesn't just happen in the University. Plenty of places in Aberystwyth and the local area put on their own gig nights and festivals because of the high student population, making sure that you get an entertainment-rich university experience. For an in-depth look at some of the entertainment on offer to you, we've seperated the types of entertainment you can experience below: Music Performance Art Film Dance Literature

Слайд 9

Music Like everything you'll experience at Aberystwyth University you'll always be encouraged to get involved; this is also true with music, no matter your ability or level you'll always have the opportunity to have a go yourself. The University Music Centre offers all kinds of musical opportunities for playing, singing and listening. There's plenty going on - so don't miss out!

Слайд 10

Performance The Arts Centre have their own comedy line up too, frequently hosting the UK's top comedians and all at reasonable prices. With a superb Theatre, Film and Television department it's no surprise that there's so much going on; you won't know where to start. Sign up and get involved. You can join the University's own clubs or audition for many of the performances in Arts Centre. If amateur dramatics is your thing, you should get involved in one of these: Castaway Community Theatre, The Nomadic Players, The Exploding Fish society and many more.

Слайд 11

Art Major galleries and exhibitions, as well as the opportunity to take part in performance art, classes and workshops, Aberystwyth has a very exiting and accessible art community.

Слайд 12

Film At Aberystwyth you'll get the chance to watch the world's biggest blockbusters as well as a huge variety of independent films... with the free Students' Union film nights, film festivals and the Art Centre's new 3D projector you'll always be able to see the latest cinema from around the world. So grab yourself a carton of popcorn, sit back, relax and read how much film is on offer to you at Aberystwyth.

Слайд 13

Dance Dancing - you can't beat it - whatever your flavour! Whether it's a late night party in The Pier, a rave in the Arts Centre or professional and choreographed pieces either for you to perform or to watch. There are so many ways you can express your love for dance that you won't know where to start, let alone where to finish.

Слайд 14

Literature It's widely accepted that Aberystwyth is one of Wales' most important cultural centres, and one of the reasons for this is the increasing profile for literature and creative writing in the town and more specifically in the University's Department of English and Creative Writing.

Слайд 15

Sports life Having great sports facilities and a wide range of sports clubs and activities will make all the difference to your university experience even if you are purely a social sportsperson. Sport at Aberystwyth is a big deal, with about half of all students being active members of the Athletics Union. Our attitude to sport is always "have a go". Water Sporting University Clubs Great Outdoors Individual & Team Sports

Слайд 16

Water Sporting University Clubs Bodyboarding Canoeing Kite-surfing Rowing Sailing Sub-Aqua Surfing Swimming Waterpolo Windsurfing

Слайд 17

Great Outdoors Horse Riding Cycling & Walking Climbing Gliding and Paragliding

Слайд 18

Individual & Team Sports Indoor Outdoor

Слайд 19

Indoor Aikido Archery Badminton Basketball Boxercise Dance Sport Dodgeball Fencing Handball Judo Juggling Karate Netball Show Dance Snooker and Pool Squash Swimming Table Tennis Taekwondo Trampoline Urban Dance Volleyball Waterpolo

Слайд 20

Outdoor American Football Bobsled Bodyboarding Canoeing Caving Cheerleading Clay-pigeon Shooting Cricket Expeditions Football Freerunning/Parkour Gaelic Football Gliding Golf Harriers Hockey Kitesurfing Lacrosse Mountain Biking Mountaineering Horse-riding Rowing Rugby Sailing Skateboarding Skiing

Слайд 21

Academic life Group Project Computer Suites: PJM & Rosser Lounges Five fully-stocked libraries Brand new laboratories Very close natural field work areas  National Library of Wales Onsite bookshops Top of the range 24 hour computer rooms Modern lecture rooms The Student Support Services  But we don't just stop there...

Слайд 22

University Departments Computer Science Biological and Rural Sciences (IBERS) Geography and Environmental Sciences (IGES) Sports Science

Слайд 23

You can know more there: http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/

Слайд 24

The end

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