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"Harvard University"

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"Harvard University"

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Слайд 1

Harvard University Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts whose history, influence and wealth have made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world

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Слайд 3

Establishing the University Established in 1636 by the Massachusetts legislature and soon thereafter named for John Harvard (its first benefactor), Harvard is the United States' oldest institution of higher learning, and the Harvard Corporation (formally, the President and Fellows of Harvard College) is its first chartered corporation. Although never formally affiliated with any denomination, the early College primarily trained Congregation alist and Unitarian clergy. Its curriculum and student body were gradually secularized during the 18th century, and by the 19th century Harvard had emerged as the central cultural establishment among Boston elites.

Слайд 4

Nowadays Nowadays, the University comprises various academic institutions and has nurtured many prominent alumni. It is organized into eleven separate academic units—ten faculties and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study—with campuses throughout the Boston metropolitan area. Harvard's 209-acre (85 ha) main campus is centered on Harvard Yard in Cambridge, approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) northwest of Boston. The business school and athletics facilities, including Harvard Stadium, are located across the Charles River in the Allston neighborhood of Boston and the medical, dental, and public health schools are located in the Longwood Medical Area

Слайд 5

Graduators Eight U.S. presidents have been graduates, and some 150 Nobel Laureates have been affiliated as students, faculty, or staff. Harvard is also the alma mater of sixty-two living billionaires, the most in the country.

Слайд 6

The Harvard University Library The Harvard University Library is also the largest academic library in the United States, and one of the largest in the world.

Слайд 7

University seal Memorial Church Massachusetts Hall (1720), Harvard's oldest building The Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library College/school Year founded Harvard College 1636 Medicine 1782 Divinity 1816 Law 1817 Dental Medicine 1867 Arts and Sciences 1872 Business 1908 Extension 1910 Design 1914 Education 1920 Public Health 1922 Government 1936 Engineering and Applied Sciences 2007

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