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Презентація на тему:
Types of Art

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Types of Art

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Слайд 2

Entertain, vb The play failed to entertain the audience. We're entertaining our neighbours this evening a) to invite people to your home for a party b) to do something that amuses or interests people c) to take people to a restaurant for a meal

Слайд 3

entertainer, n I like street entertainers. He is a very popular television entertainer.   a) someone who does tricks b) someone who sings c) a person who entertains professionally, e.g. by singing or telling jokes

Слайд 4

entertainment, n This law is applied to theatres, cinemas and other places of entertainment. It's not a serious film, but it's good entertainment. a) such things as films, television, performances, etc. that amuse or interest people b) a performance or show c) an act of entertaining

Слайд 5

Слайд 6

cast all the people who act in a film

Слайд 7

star the most important actor or actress in a film

Слайд 8

director person who makes a film

Слайд 9

soundtrack music of a film

Слайд 10

script story of a film

Слайд 11

scene a part of a film happening in one place

Слайд 12

audience people who watch a film in a cinema

Слайд 13

sequel film which continues the story of an earlier film

Слайд 14

Special effects images, often created by a computer

Слайд 15

plot words of the film

Слайд 16

subtitles transcription (usually translation) of the dialogue of a film that appears at the bottom of the screen

Слайд 17

Types of Art

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Слайд 19

Still life

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