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Слайд 1

STEREOTYPES Nationalities…

Слайд 2

or group of people. A is a generalization about a person ‘stereotype’

Слайд 3

What nationality is she? She is . Chinese She does kung fu. She is a terrible driver. She drinks grean tea. She eats everything that lives.

Слайд 4

What nationality is ? he He is . British He drinks a lot of alcohol. He has bad teeth. He sewars all day long.

Слайд 5

What nationality is ? he He is . American He eats a lot of fast food. He thinks that our World looks like that: He is materialistic.

Слайд 6

What nationality is ? she She is . Japanese She takes photos all the time. She works all the time. She eats raw food. She always travels with a big group of other Japanese people.

Слайд 7

What nationality is ? he He is . Italian He is a member of mafia. He lives with his mum. He loves pizza and pasta.

Слайд 8

What nationality is ? she She is . Polish She complains a lot. She steals. She drinks too much alcohol. She is stupid.

Слайд 9


Слайд 10

I agree. I don’t agree. I think that… I belive that… Boys are… Girls are…

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