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TV in our life and other

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TV in our life and other

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Слайд 1

TV in our life AIMS: To expand pupils’ vocabulary to widen pupils knowledge to the topic to involve pupils into reading, writing, communicative activities,

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Слайд 6

INTRODUCTION OF NEW WORDS channel -.a television station and all the programmes broadcast by it: We watched the news on Channel 4.

Слайд 7

a commercial- an advertisement on television or radio. a summary- a short statement that gives the main information about something, without giving all the details: Please write a one-page summary of this report

Слайд 8

brief – continuing for a short time: a brief visit; to give someone all the necessary information about a situation , so that they are prepared for it: The president has been fully briefed on the current situation in Haiti. public- connected with all the ordinary people I a country, who are not members of the government: The law was changed as a result of public pressure.

Слайд 9

to attract, - to make someone interested in something, or make them want to take part in something. to enrich- to improve the quality of something, especially by adding things to it.

Слайд 10

to focus on – special attention that is given to one particular subject or situation. to include-1. if a group or a set includes something or someone, it has that thing or person as one of its parts. .2.- to make someone or something part а a large group or set.

Слайд 11

to spread- to become known about or used by people more and more: News of the explosion spread swiftly. Remember: spread-spread-spread

Слайд 12

except smb/smth- used to introduce the only thing or person in a group about which a statement is not true: Everyone except Adam went to the concert. You сат have any of the cakes except this one. in order to- for the purpose of doing something: In order to understand how the human body works, you need to have some knowledge of chemistry.

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Слайд 15

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